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History of Online Gambling: Birth of Online Casinos


August 31, 2019

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Online casinos are getting huge popularity nowadays. Players prefer playing online casino games from the comfort of their house than visiting the land-based casinos and spend a lot. People prefer to play online casinos because those are not making you bankrupt and also you can get enough bonuses and promotions while playing online. But, have you ever thought of the reasons why the online casino is here? Have you ever concentrated on the history of it? Actually, the internet is one of the major inventions of the humankind that has taken him much step ahead.

Now, how internet casino came into existence and how it become popular are real stories to tell. So, today, you will get to know a bit of the history of online casino and thus, you will understand how sites like qqturbo are getting hugely famous day by day. Read on to know more.

What Are the Roots?

The history of internet gambling started from the idle of the ’90s. At that time, the online casino only spread its wings at Barbadua and Antigua as there was the Free Trade and Processing Act that enables these two countries to start online casinos and spread this fascinating thing across the world.

Besides this, another revolution happened when Microgaming, one of the largest software providers to the industry of internet gaming stepped into the field on online gaming by providing multitudes of games. Presently, Microgaming holds the same potentiality in the field of online gaming where this software supports different types of online casinos by providing different genre of online casino games.

1996- Online Gambling Took the Next Step

It was the year 1996 when the first-ever online casino, InterCasino, came into existence. After its establishment, it started using Cryptologic, which was a secured financial transaction software that ensures safe and secure money transaction. This year is also notable for the establishment of Mohawk Territory Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which was established to provide license and regulate the online casinos, and the poker rooms. You all know about the game provider, NetEnt. It was also established in this year to create innovative and interesting games and making people more engaged to online casinos by offering them slots, jackpots, varieties of board games, card and table games, branded games, live dealer games, and so on. Today, NetEnt is another big name beside Microgaming.

How Online Poker Came to the Front?

Today, there is a group of people who love to play poker. And when you get it online, you don’t visit a casino and play it. Planet Poker is considered to be the predecessor of the present-day online poker games. This game was formed in 1998 and became hugely famous once it was in the market. But, the site couldn’t run long for disrupted internet service and poor speed. Besides, lots of technical glitches made it stop at that time. Later, in 1999, Paradise Poker was invented and soon in 2001, Partypoker and Poker Stars stole the show and soon became two most popular gambling sites in the world. Poker Stars became the showstopper as it started its online tournament satellite and people fell in love with it intensely.

Though the popularity of online poker was touching the sky, due to unlawful behavior and incidents, the US Government banned lots of online poker websites in 2011. Presently, the picture of the entire online gambling has become blurred in the US, but people are hoping for the best.

So, here you get a bit of the history of online casino aka gambling. If you want to play online casino games, find out authentic sites, go through the review and then only deal with your money.

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