By Daniel Clark

A beautiful and comfortable bathroom is one of the best things of the home décor. It adds significant value to lift up spirits and rejuvenate a person’s mood. It gives you privacy to shed your mental stress of the entire day and relax your mind with utmost calmness.

Renovating it with luxury illuminated bathroom cabinets, sparkling mirror and LED lights just work wonders to add drama to the space.

Bathroom not only plays a functional role in our lives, but also it has much more to do with creating a mood. Therefore, it becomes imperative to design it in such way that it is beautiful enough to relieve your stress and use it for getting ready.

Whether you’re thinking to revamp, construct a new one or just seek to make small tweaks; you’d have to take precise care while planning its design. If you miss out any of the essential considerations then there are chances to find the space congested and face issue during its functional uses. To assist you with the same, we thought to round up common bathroom décor mistakes to avoid.

Poor Ventilation

A bathroom with poor ventilation will not only make a person feel uncomfortable to present in the room for a protracted time but also leads to unhealthy life. As there is no proper way for the air to travel, it will get stuffed in the bathroom that could be a residence for mould and condensation.

Condensation in a hot room can prove to be breeding residence for germs, bacteria and mould. Consequently, a person is likely to invite some or other diseases to his/her body. To avoid it you can ensure the placement of the windowpanes and be assured of the sound ventilation. Besides, having an exhaust fan and a table fan in the bathroom would make a greater difference to offer a user with the ultimate convenience and comfort.

Not Being Realistic

While aiming to construct a bathroom to be so beautiful for getting overwhelmed easily, many homeowners end up making it unrealistic. Moreover, many people allocate too big space to the bathroom than they have. As a result, it becomes difficult to manage all the things and fit it into remaining space.

To avoid being unrealistic, it would be better if you kick off designing a bathroom with an efficient layout and the map. Thereafter analysing it for acquainting better understanding, you can initiate the construction work.

Improper Appliance Installation

Though appliances play an integral role in finding conveniences in the bathroom, it becomes indispensable to ensure correct installations. Bathroom appliances can prove its efficacy only when right ones are installed at the appropriate place. Therefore, it is highly recommended to hire an experienced person for plumbing of your bathroom on the grounds that it would assure you with proper appliance installation.

Lack Of Storage Space

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, storage space is an essential factor that affects the success of its construction. There are many things which are kept in the bathroom. If no proper amount of storage space is allocated, there are chances to clutter the space which would look untidy. Due to this reason, it is essential to get storage space that is enough for your needs. While doing so, just make sure you’re not stuffing your bathroom with too much of furniture on the grounds that it would look disastrous. For this purpose, you can look for furniture that offers you the privilege to makes it functional use as well as get some storage space. You can consider getting a bathroom mirror with storage area, for an instance. By this means you can relish perks of both the worlds.

Being a human, it is bound to commit a mistake, but not learning from that failure might prove you to be a great blunder. Besides, it would be even better by considering common mistakes that are committed by others. At least it would prove to be a saviour for restraining you to get involved into leaving any major flaws.

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