With 2019 slowly coming to a close, new home interior trends are slowly surfacing, bringing about creative and innovative ways of decoration that will give your home that much needed refreshed look. The approaching cooler season dictates classic styles in a whole new, modern way – calming, cozy colors and luxurious textures. There’s no need to go with a full remodel because even the smallest changes can make a lasting statement and give your indoor space a trendy facelift.

The Kitchen

When it comes to kitchens, black is all the rage – again. From black cabinets to tiles, to sinks, this elegant dark color has engulfed the kitchen of the new season. The style goes as far as recommending all the appliances to be black as well, and what we get is a wonderfully monochrome look and feel. However, there’s still a need for contrast of course, so white walls and floors make this luxurious dark shade really pop. If black isn’t really your color, go with completely the opposite.

White in combination with natural wood, preferably with no upper cabinets is another sought-after design. In general, two-tone kitchens have taken over the trends of the coming year, with striking brass and copper parts here and there to achieve that irresistible organic look. Furthermore, a huge pantry is really trendy this season, so if you have the space, it’s the most practical and fashionable trend you can incorporate in your kitchen. It will hide all your small appliances taking up the counter space, and you can insert electrical outlets inside it as well. Add appropriate lighting, and your kitchen will always be clean and organized with all the trinkets safely tucked away.

The Living Room

The place where you can just sit and relax after a long day, socialize with friends and family, or pass the time watching that latest Netflix release needs to be not only cozy and functional, but pleasing to the eye as well. The good news is that the upcoming trends are ‘cool and comfy’. Plush couches, green and blue jewel tones, fluffy faux-fur pillows, lots of blankets and coffee tables made of wood, stone, marble or other natural materials.

Plus, if you manage to fit all that in a boho-chic, relaxed, colorful trend, you’ll have a living room built for lounging. What’s convenient is that many of the textiles that fit this style are machine washable and therefore ideal for families with kids and pets. When it comes to bedding this season, it’s all about comforting textures, soft colors and decorative details. Quilted bedspreads and thick woolen blankets should have fringing, tassels and trims in order to add to that general bohemian style.

The Bathroom

Your bathroom is no less worthy of new décor than any other room in your home, but it does require careful thinking and planning. Redecorating a bathroom is always a pricy endeavor and a long-term investment. There is a myriad of trends just waiting to be chosen, regarding color, bathroom fixtures, tiles and the like. While white has held first place for many years, so far, 2019 has introduced more vibrant colors to the bathroom walls. Metallic shades, as well as pastel pink and blue, will definitely liven up the room.

Neutral furniture and wooden tones will be able to complement most shades you choose to decorate your walls with. However, if you really want something trendy that will stand out as well as be worth the investment, go for the tiles. Classic shapes still haven’t gone out of fashion, but it’s the stylish tile design that reflects the latest trends, which are colorful, with calming green and blue tones, with the ever-popular matte finish.

The Bedroom

Intimate and personal, your bedroom should not only match the current trends, but your personal preferences as well. The overall tendency of interior design in 2019 is to promote well-being and relaxation, and this ultimate place of rest is no exception. Natural materials are the key, especially the ones which add to the softness and harmony. Wallpapers are making a big comeback everywhere. Not only does it add to the décor, but it also adds to the depth and coziness of the room. 3D wallpapers are a trend that is a bit on the pricey side, but will really make the room come to life if chosen.

If you prefer a more calm approach to wall décor, then choose the subtle gradient transition of color hues. When it comes to the centerpiece of the room, i.e. the bed, experts say that it should carry a little luxury in its design. A big model with a large, soft headboard will give you both comfort and support, and be the focal point of the entire room. Natural light is always welcome, but when it comes to the bedroom, remember that it is your place of rest and you might want to keep that early morning sunlight at bay until you get your beauty sleep. How to choose your drapes may not seem easy at first, but be sure they complement the overall design of the room and are practical enough when it comes to maintenance. If you prefer, you can always go with Roman blinds and the minimalistic but shaded approach.

Following interior design trends does not mean you have to splash out and redesign your home completely. There are so many budget-friendly, stylish approaches to trendy décor, starting from color, wallpapers, cushions and lighting that will make your residence both comfy and up to date with the current trends. So it’s time to start having some fun preparing your home for the new season’s look.

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