We often hear about minimalism in interior design, but not all of us know the philosophy behind the concept and the ways we can implement it in our homes. From a designer’s point of view, minimalism means achieving more with less, eliminating the clutter in our lives and creating comfortable spaces with as few items as possible.

Without giving up on the essential elements making the perfect home, minimalism means that we need a lot less than we imagine to be happy. Furthermore, minimalism means a shift from the consumeristic approach to life towards a simpler, more elegant one. It also means a cheaper lifestyle. Today, we will present you with five budget friendly and minimalist design ideas to revamp your bedroom and turn it into an aerated space of freedom and comfort.

1. Tow-Tone Bedroom in Contrasting Colors

When you want to create a minimalist bedroom on a budget, the first thing you need to do is choose the right color palette. Most minimalist bedrooms use monochrome designs – either sweet pastels, or crispy white. However, you can achieve a modern, classy look by mixing in white with black or navy blue.

You can simply change your bedpost in the dark, contrasting color of your choice and add balance with some floating shelves or bedside tables in the same color. Once you leave your walls white, the two-tone mix will suggest simple and sophisticated elegance.

2. Built-In Furniture and Floor Mattresses

The minimalist trend, coming from the Scandinavian approach to living in small spaces, expresses peoples’ desire to eliminate all clutter and debris that suffocates them. In other words, built-in furniture, modular furniture, and elements that occupy as little space as possible are all the rage right now.

Besides built-in furniture and wall-hung items, another trend you may consider in your budget friendly minimalist design is the use of floor mattresses instead of a classic bed.

Built with pragmatism and peoples’ needs in minds, these mattresses can become couches or lounge items. Floor mattresses take only minutes to unfold, so you can have a bed or a sofa whenever you need them. They take very little space of your floor and you can blend them easily in your room color scheme.

3. Bring in the Quiet, the Cool, and the Dark

Our bedrooms are not art galleries. They are our personal spaces of unwinding, resting, and self-pampering. One mistake many people do is make their bedrooms look like the ones on magazine covers, forgetting that people spend time and sleep in said bedrooms. Good, restful sleep means a cool temperature, perfect silence, and darkness. For your budget minimalist bedroom, you should consider therefore the following:

· Remove all noise-making elements from the bedroom, even if you do not use them at night. Do not install a TV in your bedroom, keep your wristwatch in the living room, and remove all ticking clocks. You will declutter and achieve the silence your brain needs to rest.

· Keep a cool, constant temperature. You can achieve this by programming your thermostat properly and by installing blackout drapes in the bedroom. They will play the double role of keeping the room cool and dark.

Since your bedroom has to be a cave of peace, you can begin your minimalist design by removing items from the room and keep only the ones you need, or the ones helping you sleep better. Then you can consider new color schemes and new modular furniture.

4. Keep the Lighting Simple

A shiny floor with white or light pastel built-in furniture is already a huge step towards minimalism. However, you and your bedroom need light. In such designs, light sources usually have thin profiles and have a clinical, naked aspect to them – no fancy chandeliers, no lamp decorations, and no eye-catching lampshades.

Moreover, you should only use a main source of light and a secondary one for reading at night. Both should come in straight, simple, no-fuss lines and designs. However, if you choose a fancy chandelier or lamp, make sure it is the only glamorous piece standing out in your minimalist design.

You should consider minimalist lamps a step forward towards better, healthier sleep. The less dust and household allergens you keep around, the better you will sleep.

5. Awesome Mirrors

Mirrors are your go-to choice for small spaces and your must-have for a small budget bedroom. If you eliminated all unnecessary items from your room and you only have a floor, a mattress, and a built-in dressing you mistake for the wall, then it is time to add the final touch: a full length leaning mirror. You cannot go more minimalist and classy than this.


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