We all have different preferences and ideas on what a perfect home should have. Despite the different opinions, there are essential elements which must be there for the house to be perfect.

A home has different sections, and each has its essentials such as Dutch Antique Clock repairs. Therefore, we will look at each part individually. Usually, these elements are universal and include;

1. Living Room: There should be;

· Ample lighting to prevent straining.

· Tall mirrors- A tall mirror makes the ceiling appear higher

· Flower vase- Consider adding simple flowers in the vessel.

2. Dining table: You should always be prepared for hosting events or getting surprised visits. Get classic, high-quality white dinnerware. Have monogrammed napkins, and woven placemats. Buy all-purpose wine glasses.

3. Kitchen : For a perfect kitchen you must have;

· A set of sharp knives- The knives should be inclusive of a chef1s knife, slicing knife, bread knife, and paring knife

· Pots- You should have pots of different sizes.

· Roasting pan- Ensure the pan is large. Remember you can use a large pan to make something small, but cannot use a small one to make something big

· Oven, and stainless steel bowls

4. Guest Rooms: The rooms should have both bath and hand towels. Ensure the room has fresh soap, shampoo, and washcloths. The ideal guest room should have an alarm clock, hairdryer, magazines, and hangers. Consider getting a luggage rack and a refillable water vessel.

5. Home office: There is a significant rise in the number of freelancers. While creating your home office is majorly about your choices and preferences; below are essentials to add to your home office

· Clean space, preferably white- usually, white is a calming color. It makes the office appear clean, focusing, and makes the most of the available space in the office. That way, you can distinguish it from your home or the surrounding.

· Desk light- Get a lamp that will sufficiently light your working area. You can get a color lamp or one with an unusual shape depending on your preference. Ensure the light is adequate to prevent making your office appear as a dark hideaway.

· Storage- To prevent distractions of having to go around the house seeking additional office supplies, add a storage unit in the office. Make the storage unit unique and stylish to add glamor.

· Comfortable desk- You are probably going to spend much time in the office. Thus, we recommend you invest in a killer desk which makes a statement. The desk should not necessarily be extensive but should be comfortable and functional.

· Personal touches- The whole idea of working at home is to get to be your boss. With this, you can choose to add personal touches maybe family photos.

· Laptop- It is not a must have, but is an excellent boost since it is mobile. A computer and laptop are among the integral parts of the home office.

6. Security Essentials: There will be no perfect home without security measures such as;

· Security guard- Consider hiring a security guard(if you can afford). If not, consider getting dogs and security lights.

· Have flashlights, and an emergency first aid kit. You should consider getting CPR lessons.

· Rope ladder- It will come in handy when you need to get out of a story building in case of an emergency.

· A fire extinguisher should be a must-have. Also get candles in case of a blackout.

7. First Aid Kits: The first aid kit should be inclusive of; band-aids, small scissors, liquid Benadryl for allergic reactions, a thermometer and alcohol to clean it, an antibiotic ointment and an eye rinse.

8. Laundry must haves: You should have;

· Color safe bleach for washing

· A citrus cleaner is handy for removing wax or gum stuck on clothing.

· Get candle or bee wax. Wax is a great way to lubricate balky zippers.

· Drying rack- usually, the weather is not going to be suitable all the time for those who air dry clothes. Therefore, get a drying rack for those heavy sweaters or use on rainy seasons.

9. Make-up essentials: Get a concealer for a fresh look. Invest in a quality set of makeup brushes. Always have a moisturizing balm.

10. Cleaning essentials: Use microfiber cloths which are excellent in attracting even tiny dirt particles. Cellulose scrub sponges are ideal for different cleaning jobs.

Final words: If you have a backyard, you might add glamor to it by adding an umbrella. We recommend a tilt patio umbrella since you can alter the umbrella to prevent direct sunlight. Check out tilt patio umbrellas on sale.


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