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Home Décor: Bathroom Items That Will Raise The Bar On Style And Innovation

Our homes are our most valuable space; where we come back to after being out and as such, we never seem to get it just perfect. We supply useful gadgets and items and at times renovate part or the entire home; either way, some parts of the home seem to get have more of our attention than others.

But the bathroom didn’t seem to be part but with the present era, a number of cool gadgets and items are in supply and they’re transforming bathroom looks all over. They’re adding elegance to styles of bathrooms, some of these such items are;

1. Programmable shower panels: Technological advancement didn’t leave the bathroom out and so, one of these amazing and elegant items are these shower panels, just as the name sounds, they can be programmed to deliver desired effects and this is because they have a lot of functions such as;
• Temperature control and regulation
• Water flow and intensity control
• Easy mode of switching on and off

These best shower panels are totally different from the traditional showers around, they are elegant looking and they also provide you with different water outlet options, as opposed to the only downwards water flow of traditional showers.

2. Towel warmers: These items are super awesome, they serve purposes such as;
• Drying your towel for use
• Presenting your towels to you, warm and nice
• Ridding the bathroom of dampness
• Providing warmth and so making your bathroom cozy
Towel warmers aren’t in wide usage currently because not everyone knows about them. They come in separate shapes, dimensions and designs. They could be in form of an openable box; where you simply fold your towel into or a rack, on which you easily hang your towels, and clothes too!. And still, have a very nice feeling bathroom.

3. Modern dispenser: Common dispensers are water dispenser and soap dispenser. But now, with the rising in innovations, bathroom gadgets are now available that’ll dispense almost everything you need in your bathroom. There are now dispensers for substances such as;
• Soap
• Shower Gel
• Tissue paper
• Perfume
• Lotion among other things.
These items make the has transformed the bathroom from the room full of duties; of having to take everything by yourself, they provide ease with getting things over in the bathroom. Most of them require that you just place your hand below them and what you require will be released, so simple and cool.

4. Shower speakers: Almost everyone sings in the bathroom; while in a shower. And while some people hum their favorite songs, others scream in excitement. The shower speakers are now to be installed in bathrooms to make using the bathroom not as boring as it used to be traditionally. They come in different styles and sizes, and can be installed in different styles;
• Installed on the bathroom wall
• Installed above the shower
• Installed beside the bathtub
Wherever they’re installed, they give great experience in the shower. Also, they are built to waterproof (you wondered what’ll happen to them with water) and they respond to very easy control method such as remote, WiFi and Bluetooth so they work with your phone.

5. Whirlpools: Their name undoubtedly makes one look again, but that’s what they really are. These bathroom installations come in shape of a bathtub, but they whirl the water in them. This water whirling action has a number of benefits for the body such as;
• Aiding total relaxation
• Healing aching muscles and joints
• Improving blood circulation
• Providing sort of massage
• Acting as a form of therapy
These whirlpools are really cool, it’s like taming the real whirlpool of the ocean to suit your comfort.

6. Smart toothbrushes: Although many people still use the traditional toothbrush; with just handle and bristles, some other people already use the electric toothbrush. But now, it doesn’t stop there, these new and awesome smart toothbrushes are some of the latest bathroom gadgets that’ll not only change your way of brushing but also have a nice effect on your entire health. These toothbrushes are designed not only for brushing but also;
• To connect with your phone and deliver tips on proper brushing and total oral care while you use them
• To aid proper brushing by offering directions while you brush
• To in fact, also remind you in case you miss any area while brushing.
These smart toothbrushes come in sleek and attractive designs and of course, they are waterproof.

7. Saunas: Sauna, primarily is a room designed for heat sessions, however, the modern saunas now available for bathrooms are smart, can be isn’t all as in various sizes and they operate in totally clean condition. These saunas are just perfect for an awesome heat session that’ll have the desired effect on your health. Sweating is one quick and easy way that our body rid the toxins and excesses from the body, and these saunas do the job of getting you to sweat a real deal and give your body that boosts it requires to take care of itself.

8. Personalized bathroom finishes: This may sound less like an item at first, but when analyzed, they are the new innovations in the overall bathroom looks these days. Before now, bathroom looks don’t matter a lot, and so all look items were mere stocks just for basic looks. However, various elegant and great looking look items are now put in place to enhance the bathroom looks; such as;
• Stain resistant wall finish
• Smart and eye-friendly lightings
• Safer bathroom floor finishes

All of the above make up some of the so many bathroom items that raise the bar on style and innovation. Manufacturers now aim higher to develop the near perfect bathroom items and dominate the market, and users now understand the awesomeness of having these items in bathrooms.

We now see that the installation of these items in the bathroom will transform bathrooms from the boring traditional room into an exciting and relaxing chamber. So, apart from having a bath with ease and comfort, the total health and relaxation of the user are improved and you never feel locked out from the world while in there. It is sure, however, that many more innovative and stylish bathroom items will be out as we live.

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