Chaise Lounges first originated in ancient Egypt. Since the twentieth century, chaise lounges are the ultimate sign of comfort and luxury. They were highly popular during the Victorian era. In the French, chaise lounges mean “long chair”. The chaise lounges are designed in a variety of styles and are very versatile.

Depending upon your requirements, you can use chaise lounges inside your home or outside. For example outside around a swimming pool, and inside in a reading room during the rainy day or for sitting in a cramped living space. This buying guide discusses everything about the chaise lounges. We will also discuss in detail their various styles.

You can purchase chaise lounge from various stores such as online markets, and flea markets. They are also sold by the consignment shops, big box stores, home improvement stores and furniture stores. The chaise lounges are getting popular day by day.

Brief History Of Chaise Lounges: The chaise lounges originated during the ancient civilizations in China, Mexico, Rome, Greece, and Egypt. During those times, they were the perfect combination of the day bed and long chair. In the ancient times, the chaise lounges were reserved only for royal family or people in power. Common people use stools or benches for the purpose of sitting.

The beautiful and stylish chaise lounges were first found in France in 1600s. During that period, they were made from wood. During Louis XV rule in the eighteenth century, chaise lounge style “French Rococo” becomes highly popular. The world chaise lounge is actually a wrong American translation of the French phrase “chaise lounge”. It is called “long chair”.

As these chaise lounges are produced in a large number, they are also named “fainting couches”. As years passed the chaise lounge slowly made their place in our outdoor, indoor and our living spaces. The chaise lounge is a big chair with their back angled at one end. They offer fantastic support for the entire body with a backrest that can adjust easily. For the maximum comfort, set it at a right angle.

Types Of Chaise Lounge

There are various types of chaise lounges available in the market. You can select your favorite type from among them. A teak chaise lounge with cushion is best for you if you reside in the tropical region. The ottoman chaise lounge is also a good alternative for you as it is weather resistant.

The Avalon chaise lounge works well in almost all types of weather conditions. You can keep this chaise lounge around the pool or the garden. They come in different styles and types such as contemporary, French, Victorian, bench sofa and chair.

Contemporary Chaise Lounge – The contemporary chaise lounge comes in non-traditional color palates such as patterns, bright colors, black color and metal accents. The contemporary uses the geometric design. These are no arms chaise lounges.

French Style Chaise Lounges – The French style chaise lounges comes in three different stylish designs.

1. Recamier Chaise Lounge – The Recamier style chaise lounge is named after a French socialite Madame Recamier. It is famous for two raised ends and contains nothing between the long sides. In 1800, the artist Jacques Louis David used it for a portrait. It was also popular in the Neoclassical French Empire.

2. Duchess Chaise Lounge – This style is famous for its two parts -the large footstool to offer rest to your feet and the chair. Other alternatives are also available. It comprises of a stool with the second chair for the sitting purpose. If you wish to provide extra space for sitting in your master bedroom, then the two chairs can look perfect in your room. These are no arms chaise lounges. These lounges go great with any room décor. The trend to match the fabric of the chaise lounge with the floorings such as Vinyl flooring in Singapore is in great trend these days.

It is a meridian style daybed with an asymmetrical prototype. The low footrest and the high headrest have a back, which is sloping. In the early 19th century, it is highly popular among rich French people. It has high-end fabrics, tufting, intricate woodwork and traditional themes. When the sun is near the meridian, it is used for mid-day rest. These are 2 arms chaise lounges.

3. Victorian Style Chaise Lounge – The Victorian style gives more emphasis on details such as fine finishing, opulent upholstery, woodwork, and sculpted designs in legs and base etc.It is also very expensive and were highly popular during 1830’s to 1900’s. This type of chairs is also available now a day as one arm chaise lounges.

Chaise Bench Sofa –The bench sofa can be available in various forms. It is similar to a traditional daybed. It usually has high ends on the different side with an uncushioned shape. These are no arms chaise lounges.

Chair Chaise Lounge – There are some points which are the key elements of chair design in your chaise lounge. This type of structure is used for outdoor as well as indoor furniture and has a unique seat for supporting your legs. The indoor models come with cushioning which looks comfortable and lusher. To decrease or increase the angle of elevation, it also has an adjustable back.

Its picture is given below. These are no arms chaise lounges.

How To Select A Chaise Lounge

You can select a chaise lounge after considering various points such as:-

· For what purpose, it will be used.

· Where it will be positioned.

· Whether it should fit the space reserved for it etc. and its budget and various styles.

Use the style which you like the most. It is best to select the style, which fits your lifestyle as well as your personal taste.

When you buy it for a home with pets or children, you need to select durable upholstery of dark color preferably. It also minimizes the chances of worn areas and visible stains. Based on your needs you can choose indoor as well as outdoor chaise lounges.

Indoor Chaise Lounges: The indoor chaise lounges are put in an environment, which is protected. The indoor chaise lounges are made from various types of materials such as suede, silk, chintz, and velvet etc. The cushions often come with strain resistance features for the inexpensive and easy maintenance.

Select only those textures and colors which perfectly matches the furniture in the room and the flooring patterns. The color of the indoor chaise lounges fades less as they are less exposure to the sun.

You can put bench sofa style lounges as a window seat or in a corner to create a beautiful looking room. Also, the balance of the room is not overpowered. Put Victorian or French style chaise lounges near the sofa to offer extra seating. If the rooms are small, then use the Recamier or Meridian style chaise lounge. These chaise lounges are an excellent alternative to the recliners.

Outdoor Chaise Lounges: The chair chaise lounges are the best option for outdoor use. These lounges are also very durable. Heavy plastic, metal, and cane are the best alternatives for outdoor lounges. They also offer strong resistance against fading.

While selecting a lounge with cushions, select the one, which is upholstered with the long-lasting material or fabric like denim, canvas or vinyl. It is offered at competitive prices. You need to put the lounge in a dark area to protect it from wind, sun, and rain.

How to Choose The Best Quality Chaise Lounges? The material, construction, and look of the chaise lounge are very important. Make sure that the chaise lounge lasts for a longer time period. The frame of the chaise lounge is also important. Frames like metal are the best for the chaise lounges as wood doesn’t last for long.

Leather and fabric are the two important choices for upholstery.

The leather upholstery is expensive as compared to fabric upholstery. But leather is better in the long run as it is more durable and easy to clean. The leather is also stain resistant.

Conclusion: Chaise Lounges are highly popular across the globe for their stylish design and use. They are also known as day beds, lounge chairs, and fainting couches. They have been popular from ancient Egypt to modern times now. They are available in a wide variety of styles and are very versatile as well with back, a halfback or low back styles.

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