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Home Décor: Cozy Decorating Ideas For Fall 2017

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For many people fall is their favorite time of year and it’s not hard to see why. The air is cooling after the heat of summer and the atmosphere becomes crisper. Often fall is a pretty dry time of year and as the trees turn the colors can be glorious, full of warm, earthy tones – just the temptation you need to go for a brisk walk then snuggle up inside with a hot drink in front of a roaring fire.

If your summertime décor has been all about bright light, sunshine and perhaps a coastal or lakeshore theme, it’s time to think about putting away the shells and decorative pebbles and turning your attention to prepping your home for the change of season. Here are a few decorating details you can add or change to up the coziness factor ready for the fall.

The good news is that there’s a lot you can do, even if you’re working to a budget.

Farmhouse kitchen: You can add a few simple touches to your kitchen and dining areas that will change the character of the spaces. Introduce some fall themes to your table linen by choosing autumnal tones such as soft brown and russet plaid.

Swap your summer flower arrangements for rustic pitchers full of dried hydrangeas, grasses and berry branches and put bowls of seasonal fruit on display alongside a scattering of acorns. Creative types can even use a craft pumpkin for a vase. The technique is simple and lots of fun, plus the finished article is stunningly elegant.

Cozy living: When it comes to your living room, textiles can play a major role in creating the look you want. While cool colors and minimalist styles are fine during long, hot summer days, they can be a little cold and unfriendly in cooler seasons.

Cold and unfriendly is definitely not cozy so throw caution to the wind and pile on scatter cushions and throws or reupholster footstools and your favorite chairs to introduce a sense of home comforts. Use more invigorating colors in the fall to brighten the shorter days and warm up the cooler evenings.

Drape the mantle in cheerful bunting – use non-flammable materials if you have a real fire.

Doors and windows: Maybe you tend not to do anything different to your doors and windows to reflect the changing seasons but if so you’re missing out on some wonderful opportunities. With all the extra textiles in your living room you might want to reconsider your window treatments, for example, and install window shutters.

These look great on any shaped window and are available in lots of different styles and finishes, so you can opt for natural wood such as teak or choose bright, warm colors to match your décor. Don’t forget your doors as hanging decorative

Fall wreaths are a lovely way to mirror the season and create a welcoming home. You’ll find lots of ideas and tutorials online. Treat your draft excluders to a makeover to match your rooms and close up your shutters at night for extra comfort and improved security.

Bedroom makeover: Changing your bed linen for warmer duvets, pillows and blankets should be second nature as the seasons change and it’s easy to carry through your fall theme when it comes to choosing colors and patterns.

Floral details remain very popular to get that ‘country living’ look and mirroring decorative designs on wallpaper, lampshades and bed throws can dress an intimate space beautifully. You can also introduce small area rugs that are luxuriously soft under bare feet – sheepskin rugs look lovely with any color scheme.

Accessorize for fall: Besides putting together autumnal bouquets there are lots of other little touches you can add for a seasonal look. None of these has to be expensive to look good, and some you can make yourself free of any cost. Artwork choices always add a very personal touch to a house or apartment and whether you hang a family heirloom or make a framed picture you’ll be adding character and charm to your home.

Why not encourage the kids to join you on walks in the woods where you can gather fallen acorns, leaves, berries and spindly branches to arrange and mount on the wall? Framing them with a rustic picture frame makes them look even better, and you might find they are just perfect for a child’s bedroom.

It’s great fun to dress up your building for a new season so if you’re already lamenting the passing of summer now is the time to let in the fall and create a super cozy home.

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