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Showbiz! ‘Life on Marbs’ Star and Glamour Model Natalie Richardson’s Five-Year-Old Nephew Survives Near Drowning

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With summer almost coming to a close, we are often reminded sometimes of the dangers of drowning in pools while on vacation. Case in point for British TV star and glamour model Natalie Richardson.

Richardson, the 34-year-old former star of the ITV Be 2015 UK soap drama, ‘Life On Marbs’, that lasted one season and a one-time flame of Hollywood A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio, came close to an unfortunate brush with death in her family as her five-year-old nephew, Genson took off his armbands before diving into the swimming pool.

Natalie’s sister, Becky Denning Poole, 37, were all vacating at Natalie’s villa in Marbella, Spain when the incident occurred, per the website, Entertainment Daily.

Luckily for Genson, Mom wasn’t that far away as she was able to pull him onto dray land, after his nine-year-old brother Harley tried to pull him out of the water.

Per the daily gossip website, The Mirror, Becky was in the right place at the right time,

“I heard a splash and I ran over and jumped into the pool.

“He was on the bottom. He was just blue, lifeless and he wasn’t breathing.

“I have to say, I had absolutely no succinct thoughts running through my head – I was hysterical.”

Genson’s grandfather, Richard Denning was able to begin resuscitating him once out of the water.

Becky would go on to state that she was fortunate that her dad knew CPR and was able rush Genson to the hospital, where he would be discharged the following day. In reflecting back, Becky was quick to thank both her son and dad for saving her youngest son’s life.

“I think Genson wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my dad,” she said. “[And] Harley was my hero. It was just instinct when he jumped into the pool.

“I’ll never forgive myself.”

With summer having a few weeks left and pools still likely to be filled here in the States and aboard, child safety and watching your child is a must, as Becky states towards parents during the hot season and on holiday.

“Learn from my mistake, and never, ever take your eyes off your child when there’s water about,”

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