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Home Décor: Essential Tips for Modern Bathroom Renovations

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By Kenneth Baker

Have you ever wondered what the most important corner of your house is? Probably, you think of your room or living area or dining area; but surprisingly, it is the bathroom!

Yes, it is important because you may be able to live without any other room in your house but not without bathrooms.

Why bathrooms hold such significant role? Well, because it is the ultimatum of your privacy. Even after knowing that no matter what, you spend quite a considerable time in washrooms; you still give it the least importance while constructing or renovating your house?

The response here is to realize that your bathrooms need a relook now! Suppose; you come home from a hectic day and go for a shower and still feel tired. Do you happen to wonder what did you even showered for?

Conversely, how about taking a shower that sheds away all your fatigue and makes you feel as light as air. A bath that removes the layers of stress you’ve been through the entire day and leaves you with an aromatic coat of easiness and relaxation.

See, just imagining the difference gives you the feeling of relief and lightens your mood. That is exactly why we stress on having a perfectly designed bathroom.

While you drift yourself into the thoughts of coziness and relaxation, we bring forward the ways that will make your showers worth it all. Now this includes some technical aspects to look into while constructing or renovating your bathroom.

1. Shower Panels, Shower Systems & Digital Shower Controls: You have to pay keen attention to the kinds of shower panels used, the ways shower systems are deployed and the manner in which digital shower controls will work. For more info check: http://ever-unfolding.net/best-shower-system-reviews/ .

The shower experience is better when you rule the flow of water, its pressure and directions. All of this can be done by installing digital showers. To further your ease, you can use digital shower remote controls (wireless of course) to let you have the premium quality time in the shower.

So while installing your shower system, make sure your shower panels are digitally controlled. The remote control allows you to set the flow of water, its pressure, and temperature and can work from a distance of 10 meters.

Doesn’t it sound amazing! Need firm pressure, increase the flow and give your sour muscles a mini massage comfort with the right pressure of water coming out of the shower. Similarly, lower the pressure when you need a soft comforting water flow over your body. Same goes with the temperature setting option. Have the remote to set the right temperature for your shower.

Not just it, you can add sensors to the shower system to save the excessive loss of water. For instance, you can have sensors in the bathtub to automatically stop turn off the tap when water reaches a certain level. So be considerate about the shower systems while renovating your bathroom.

2. Drainage & Placement of Bathroom Kit: Two most important aspects that you must consider while constructing the bathrooms or renovating them are the drainage system and the placement of bathroom kits. The drainage should be one that can be unclogged and the flow of water never stops.

In the same context, the washroom kit including the wash basin, the seat and the shower area should be placed considering the comfort of users. It is always recommended to have glass partition to the shower area as it further increases the privacy. The mirror is suggested to be above the wash basin and the seat is expected to be below the ventilator or exhaust fan.

3. Lighting & Floors: The two things that are often underrated in bathroom construction are lighting and flooring. These are not neglected considering them useless but because of the mere fact that they are not much important in the bathroom to have stylish flooring or lighting options. However, it is wrong as floors are the certainly most important part as they have to be non-slippery. Besides, the foot rugs should remain stable on the floors too. So, wisely choose the tiles for flooring. Probably, you can ignore the glossy ones and select matte flooring options for the bathroom.

In case of lighting, there have to be two to three options for regular use, for showering and for makeovers. For instance, dim lights are preferred generally for taking showers and bright lights are used while getting ready such as when girls put on makeup or guys to shave. Apart from that, regular lights do otherwise. In addition, the lights colors should be contrasting to the tiles colors in order to give a calming effect.

4. Storage Cabinets & Shelves: There is need of at least one small cabinet in the bathroom that can save cosmetics in it. It gives a cleaner look when bottles of shampoos, cleaners, conditioners etc. do not place up front but in a small cabinet. Plus, a shelf is also needed for the every time use products such as soaps, bathing foam and usually toothbrushes too.

The placement of storage cabinets and shelves is also important. Always, remember to place the shelves (if needed) on the foot side of the bathtub. Otherwise, there is always a fear of getting your head hit by it by standing forgetting that it lies straight up. Thus, a shelf at foot side saves this accident. Cabinets are preferred to be placed near washbowl because this corner is most used and things are mostly required here.

5. Cost: All of the suggested factors are based on one major element i.e. cost. You have to initially decide your budget and then priorities what you need the most. Then, next step is looking for alternatives that best serve your need within the allocated budget amount. There are differences in prices based on the material used in all stuff. My suggestion here is that go for quality products.

It’s better to have few quality products than having all of it on a low standard that won’t even last a year. It will cost you more in the long run if you prefer quantity over quality, so choose wisely.

Conclusion: Overall; the bathrooms are as important as living in the house, so pay keen attention to every part of it. Try having the best shower sets as it will give to best stress-releasing experience and might also become a relaxation spot for you.

Consider the points mentioned, and you will get the best kind of washrooms for a lifetime!

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