Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture focuses to give you the best insight on quality leather. Similarly, we are going to talk about some of the aspects that make leather furniture an ideal buy. While choosing something for your home décor, you will consider its quality and price. Since we all know that leather is expensive, let us talk about how the quality makes worth spending a good amount of money.

We have jotted down the ‘4 S’ of leather and these will help you understand more about its quality. These stand for surface grain, softness, service, and specialty. Let us read all of them in detail so you know why leather furniture should be a must buy.

1. Surface grain

Surface grain and softness go hand in hand. However, they need to be defined separately. Surface grain has to be in the truest form so that you know that the leather is soft and natural. The lower its degree is, the lower its cost will be. Types of surface grains are mentioned below:

· Full-grain: Full grain means that the product is completely natural. It is the highest in quality and also the priciest.

· Top grain: When full grain furniture is altered with light sanding, it is barely noticeable to our eyes. This is known as top grain in leather.

· Corrected and embossed grain: When top grain leather is completely sanded and then embossed with natural grain pattern, this is what it is called.

· Embossed grain: When the full grain hide is pigmented and also embossed with less real and uniform grain pattern, it is known an embossed grain.

2. Softness

Softness is an important aspect and defining feature of leather furniture. Comfort, cost, and the luxurious feeling are all related to the softness of the leather. It also exhibits the quality of the product.

3. Service

Leather needs little and easy care, it offers high resistance and also low maintenance. However, when you buy leather you need to match your lifestyle with it. Some types of leather can be a little more demanding.

· Maximum resistance: this is impervious to strain and spill and can be cleaned easily. These work well for commercial requirements.

· Standard resistance: these types of leather furniture are impervious to spills, strains and are easy to clean. They are good for residential purposes and don’t need much care.

· Natural resistance: when luxurious leather stays pure and naked, it gains patina with time. It needs scheduled maintenance for a few times every year and might be suggested by the sellers.

· Minimal resistance: The nubuck or suede are expensive options that have little resistance. These are designed for style and fashion and need heavy maintenance.


4. Specialty

There are many types of leather available on the market. Many of them are obtained with some special effect. Here is an easy guide that will help you know how leather can be more appealing from one another, and eventually differ in your need:

· Multiple effects: some of them are defined by more than a couple of special effects like metallic or hand-rubbing and that gives an upscale look.

· Active effects: some leather furniture is injected with wax or oil and that gives a color burst during the stretching process of the upholstery.

· Mechanical effects: these are processed with the help of automated techniques and they include effects like two-tone sauvage.

· Uniform color: there is a spray to add pigmentation and that gives a uniform color to the hide.

If you keep these points in mind, you will be able to choose the best leather upholstery for your home and also understand how leather is so special.

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