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Home Décor: More Insights On How To Give Your Bathroom A Luxurious Look

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By Lori Longoria

These luxury bathroom fittings will make your bathroom the envy of others.

Bathrooms today have evolved into luxury havens with elaborate fittings, appliances, and beautiful decor, so much so that you can spend hours in your bathroom, and not just use it for quick showers or cleaning rituals.

Spas, bathtubs, multi-jet showers, Jacuzzi, to the best shower cleaner, there is no limit to the kind of luxury your bathroom can offer you, provided you have the right kind of budget. These luxury bathroom fittings will make your bathroom the envy of others, albeit at a price of course!

Spa and Jacuzzi Baths: If the luxury of lying in a bubble bath for hours is your idea of ultimate luxury, then spa and Jacuzzi baths will be nothing short of heavenly. If you want to indulge and pamper yourself while you take a bath, you don’t need to look any further.

However, a Jacuzzi bath requires a lot of space, and you cannot overlook the fact that it would be nearly impossible to use such a bath every day.

Shower panels and cubicles: While a bathtub is often just a luxury, showers are essential in bathrooms. You may not find the time to run a bath every day, but a quick shower is always welcome. Exclusive glass shower cabinets with panels and multi-jets are perfect if you want to shower in style.

An entire cubicle is dedicated to your shower, so your bathroom remains clean and dry even after you finish. These come in many styles like sliding door, hinged, corner entry, etc. The bath cubicles can be as big or as small as you want and offer you not only the shower faucet, but some other options e.g. you can also choose those with multi-jet panels, shelves, racks, and if you are feeling too adventurous, then waterproof music and TV controls also!

Heated Bathroom Floors: Cold, hard bathroom tiles, especially after a soaking hot bath don’t fit into your scheme of things? Heated bathroom flooring is the answer to all your problems.

Electrically heated flooring systems and tiles can be installed with your marble or stone flooring to keep your floors warm and comfortable without interfering with the aesthetics of your bathroom. Check radiant floor heating reviews to find best one for your floors.

Exquisite counter-tops: There are the regular ceramic, marble and stone counter-tops, and then there are the exquisite LED lit or colored glass counter-tops that make your bathrooms look exquisite. And if you’re looking for more, then there is the option of counter-tops with semi-precious stones, or made of volcanic lava even.

All of these materials are picked because of their durability and water resistant qualities.

Bathroom accessories: There is nothing you cannot accessorize these days, and why should your bathroom be any different?

Depending on the space available, the comfort and luxury you’re looking for, and the theme of your bathroom, you can pick from a wide range of bathroom accessories. Towel racks, rugs, baskets, potted plants, paintings, book shelves, can all fit into your bathroom and make it look like a place you will want to spend hours lazing around!

Bidets: Bidets are stand alone toilets which give you the option of a wash-let with water controls to clean up. If personal hygiene is a top priority for you, trying these out would be a great idea! What’s more, you also have detachable hand-held bidet shower jets, which can be attached to your existing toilet.

More On Small Luxury Bathrooms: While making a proper small luxury bathroom design, the most important thing that should be kept into consideration is the color of the tiles used should be very light as it gives a bigger feeling about the bathroom. The reflection of light is more in light color tiles, and hence people get a bigger perspective about the size of the bathroom. Due to this reason, the pale and the soft shades are most popular in a small luxury bathroom design.

While making small luxury bathroom design, your prime: The goal should be to increase the functionality of the bathroom and at the same time make its look attractive. To utilize the maximum space in your small bathroom, it is better to use compact furniture with sleek structures to store the daily basic requirements like shampoos and shower gels.

It helps to reduce the clutter in the bathroom creating more space.

Proper use of bathroom lighting is very important as it also helps to increase the size of the bathroom visually. In addition to the light color tiles on the walls, a brightly lit bathroom makes space look bigger and cheerful. Using of mirrors is also another great option in a proper small luxury bathroom design, as the use of large mirrors in a small bathroom makes it look bigger. Light is also distributed more evenly in a small bathroom in the presence of a mirror.

Use of sliding doors in a small bathroom reduces the space which is blocked when normal hinged doors are used.

To make your bathroom look more elegant, you can also use transparent shower screens or shower curtains. Instead of normal ones, you can use pedestal basins as they get fitted in small areas quite easily. These designs of luxury for small bathrooms are not very expensive, and they can change the visual size and the looks of your bathroom.

Bathroom Vanities, What To Consider: If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom space, there are many things that you may want to include in your newly revamped bathroom. However, the addition of a luxury bathroom vanity is one of those things that can completely change the appearance of your bathroom, and there are many different aspects of a bathroom vanity that you want to consider, especially if you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious.

Style Of The Vanity: The first thing you should want to consider is the look of the vanity itself. Luxury vanities don’t necessarily have one particular style. Today, you could find something ultra contemporary, timelessly classic or something in between.

You’ll also find that these types of the vanities can be constructed out of a myriad of different materials to give it a certain look. Typically, the vanities are created out of wood, but it’s the type of stain and the type of wood that is used that gives it a particular look.

Size Of The Vanities: You’ll also want to consider the size of the luxury bathroom vanities that you’re thinking about purchasing. If your current space only allows for a single sink vanity, then you’ll find a wide variety of different options.

However, if you’re expanding the space of your bathroom, a double sink vanity might offer more space for you and your family. Also, these double sink vanities also offer a wide variety of storage which could be extremely helpful in a room like a bathroom.

Types Of Sinks: You’ll also want to consider the types of sinks that are used in a luxury bath vanity. Most vanities have a counter-top surface such as concrete, natural stone or an engineered surface that has the sink mounted underneath the vanity top.

However, today there are classic as well as contemporary designs that have the sink mounted on top of the vanity. The sinks can come in all different shapes can be made for everything from hammered copper to contemporary porcelain designs and even glass.

Counter-top Materials And Water Fixtures: You’ll also want to think about counter-top materials and water fixtures for your bathroom vanities as well as hardware for any drawers that might be a part of the vanity design.

Fortunately, there are many options to choose from, and when it comes to having a touch of luxury in your bathroom, there are many vanities that can offer all of this and more. Last but not the least, choosing luxurious addition to your bathroom wont give it a elegent look unless you are not cleaning it on a regular basis. Using the best shower cleaner referred by the experts will help you to make your selection easy and hasslefree.

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