When you are planning to get painted your home, the first thing which can be dawdling in your mind is which colour will go well with the interior and the furniture of your home. Well, this can be a daunting and confusing job. That’s why very often you may think to hire a professional who will suggest you the best colour scheme for your home. Here, we are giving you some tips regarding how to choose the paint colours for your home.

Tips to choose the paint colours for your home

  1. Understand the colour wheel: This is a handy tool which will help you in placing colours in the best way so that you can understand which colour will match with the decor of your home and your lifestyle. This wheel also helps you to discover how primary, secondary, and tertiary colours can form new colours when they blend with each other. By using a colour wheel, you can create numerous colour schemes which consist of two or more colours.
  2. Know the intensity of the colours: It is very important for you to know the intensity of the colours if you want to paint your home impeccably. For example, there are various shades of blue (sky blue, royal blue, cyan, baby blue etc.) exist in the market. Out of all these shades, baby blue and sky blue are of low intensity where has royal blue is more intense. Like this, every colour has a range of shades from high to low intensity. So, you have to understand this colour intensity so that you can choose the best intensity colour for your home. You can take help from paint strips which contain various colours ranging from lightest to darkest in intensity.
  3. Understand the colour schemes: Try to know the colour schemes before painting your house. Colour schemes have three categories. In the first category, primary and secondary colours are combined from the opposite sides of the colour wheel (like red and green). The second one is an analogous scheme which includes warm (oranges, yellows and reds) and cool (greens, blues, and violets) colours. The third is neutral schemes (white, browns, blacks) which are not included in the colour wheel.
  4. Pick a colour with an inspiration: you can choose paint colours from an inspiration which can be a painting, upholstery, or even a family heirloom. You can use your favourite colour as a base and try to form a colour scheme around it.
  5. Visualize the undertone: While selecting the colour, you need to visualize the undertone in it. The look of the paint colour changes depending on the interiors and decorations. For example, if a red oriental rug is placed right next to the white wall, then the wall will take on the pink undertones.
  6. Create different moods with the colours: You can create a mood by using various colours. For your study area, you can use cool colours to keep the ambience calm, simultaneously, for your kid’s room, you can use bold and vibrant colours to make the room more energize.
  7. Maintain the colour flow: while choosing a colour for your room, you need to maintain its flow to make it eye-catching. You should try to maintain a flow which binds each room together, either through accent hues, upholstery or decor elements.
  8. Use testers: Buy testers of a few colours and paint a larger portion of different walls so that you can check how the light hits it at different times of the day.
  9. Take a cue from your clothes: Most of the people buy clothes which will make them look good and appealing. Similarly, you should dress your rooms in colours that compliment you. If you love your blue denim jeans, then consider different shades of blue for painting.
  10. Give your personal touch: you want to do the painting so that it will uplift the look of your house and you can get appreciation from your friends. Then why don’t you use your personal taste in it? If you want to paint every room with red, blue, and white, then go for it. Because you can make any colour look good as long as it truly suits your personal style

These are some tips which will help you to choose the best colour for your room. If you are looking for the best decorating ideas for the living room which can complement your colour, then talk to a professional or take help from the internet.

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