Basements don’t have to be dank and dark places where you store things that have no other place to go. They can be finished and converted into space that serves a more practical space. As you stare down the steps, envision the space serving one of these purposes. It won’t take much to make your vision into a reality.

Add a Guest Suite: One of the motivations for doing something with finished projects in Barrie like basements is creating space for visitors. At present, weekend company means someone has to share a bedroom or someone has to sleep on the lumpy trundle bed that’s in the den.

Think of how your guests will enjoy their stay if the basement is converted into a comfortable bedroom and bathroom combination. They will have their own space, family members sleep in their own beds, and everyone is happier.

Create a Den: Would you like a space that is cozy and ideal for the family to relax? Finished basements make wonderful dens. The furniture can be more casual and it’s okay if the kids leave some of their toys or games out. Visitors will see your immaculate living and dining rooms, but will only venture into the den if you choose to invite them.

Consider the space to be for family and close friends only.

A Place for All of Your Games: Have you ever wanted a room that is devoted to amusements and nothing else? Imagine using the finished basement as a game room. There’s a place for the pool table, and you can set up other areas that are ideal for card or board games.

Remember to include comfortable furniture and a large screen television that will accommodate various sorts of video games. If the Internet happens to be down, the kids can still play their stand-alone games and enjoy themselves.

A Bedroom for Your Oldest Child: Your oldest child is now a teenager, and that usually means pleas for some private space. Sharing a bedroom with a sibling no longer works. Adding another bedroom is out of the question, but finishing the basement will solve the problem. Your child can be involved in terms of selecting wall colors, tile or carpet designs, and picking out furnishings for the space. Once the oldest child leaves for college, you can convert the space for some other use or allow the next child in line to move into the space.

Rent Out the Space: Have you thought about making the basement into some type of money-making opportunity? Assuming the finishing can include adding an entrance from outside, convert the space into an efficiency apartment.

A small kitchenette in one corner, coupled with a private bath and an open floor plan for the rest of the space will be perfect for a single person. You’ll like having that extra money coming in each month.

Are you excited at the prospect of putting your basement to a better use? Start looking at options for basement finishing by today. It won’t take long to come up with a plan, project the cost, and set a date for the finishing to get underway.

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