A beautiful bathroom vanity can transform the whole outlook of your bathroom from dull to wow. Finding the best bathroom vanity that suits your bathroom— whether its master bathroom, guest bathroom or kids bathroom—isn’t difficult anymore. There are numerous bathroom vanity stores available, and even you can purchase online.

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From minimalist-friendly open shelf cabinets to luxe double sink style, these 5 stores are the best place to find stylish bathroom vanities that suit your needs. Breathe new life to your bathroom with bathroom vanities from Trade Winds Imports, Décor Planet, Modern bathroom, The Home Depot, and Pottery Barn.

5 best places to buy a bathroom vanity

Trade Winds Imports

 While purchasing vanities and accessories for your bathroom, the name of Trade Winds Imports should be on the top of your priority list. This company from California is known for its extraordinary expertise in the field. They usually manufacture their own range of vanities, experimenting with hundreds of different materials and construction methods. From modern vanities to antique vanities, transitional vanities to farmhouse vanities, you will find any kind of vanity in all shapes and sizes.

If you want exclusivity, Trade Winds Imports is the name you can trust. The models they offer are difficult to find anywhere else, as they manufacture their own range of vanities. The best part is Trade Winds Imports is occupied with a professional and experienced customer service team who knows the products and services very well. The customer service is basically in-house actual employees and not outsourced FAQ question-answer type; hence, they can offer you the best possible deal in any vanity.

Like other bathroom vanity companies, they also offer free shipping and fast shipping anywhere in the USA. But if you live near their central warehouse in San Marcos, you will get your product the same day if you contact them for a free same-day local in-house delivery program.


Décor Planet 

Décor Planet is a well-reputed dealer of Bathroom vanities and accessories with three brick-and-mortar showrooms in New York for a backup of its online presence. You will find a luxurious range of bathroom vanities, faucets, bathroom cabinets, mirrors, shower panels, and other contemporary bathroom items.

They work with various manufacturers and collects the best selling models directly from these manufacturers in high volume, so you are sure to find a plethora of collections here. But unlike Trade Winds Imports, they don’t manufacture their own collection; hence, it might feel the prices of the vanities are a little costlier than their competitor would offer.

If you feel like the price is a little higher compared to the competitors, you can avail a 110% Price Match Guarantee offer from their website. For example, if you have bought something from Décor Planet for $1000, but the competitor is offering $900 for the same thing, they will match the price with that competitor and additionally give you a 10% off. Along with this fantastic offer, you will get free shipping over $99 purchase and 30-days easy return policy offers.


Modern Bathroom

As the name suggests, Modern Bathroom is well-known for its modern lines of bathroom vanities and accessories. They are offering thousands of items from popular and trusted brands, including Danze, Hansgrohe, Toto, MTI, Wyndham Collection, Fairmont Designs, and others.

Recently they have expanded their North Hollywood showroom to provide customers with a better in-store selection and also added experienced salespeople to ensure personalized expert advice to the customers.

Besides a modern range of collections, Modern Bathroom boasts a selection of hundreds of eco-friendly items—water-saving faucets, countertops made from recycled materials, and vanities constructed of sustainably-harvested wood. If you are more of an environmentally conscious person, Modern Bathroom is indeed heaven for you.


The Home Depot

Though we know The Home Depot as the orange-box store occupying several blocks in suburbia, they recently have improved their online shopping site and became a reliable option for buying large items as well.  You can rely on The Home Depot for attractive and affordable bathroom vanities. They offer a plethora of bathroom vanities than any other big name in the industry and the larger items that fall under the free-shipping umbrella.

This online store offers a bewildering selection of products, including classic and contemporary style bathroom vanities, even sells all the parts you need to custom-create your own vanity, precisely as you want. You will get everything here—sink, fixtures, stands—anything you want to create your own-styled vanities if you can’t find your desired one among the already-made models.


Pottery Barn

Anyone, who is a diehard fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, must remember the episode “The one with the Apothecary table” and the name Pottery Barn. Pottery Barn is famous for its apothecary products and for supplying apothecary-inspired bathroom vanities for decades. The online store also offers several styles composed of reclaimed wood if you are looking for something more eco-friendly.

Pottery Barn has portrayed exceptional quality and unparalleled value for over 70 years. Though the company is from San Francisco, their site, catalogue, and product can is available internationally. So, if you are searching for sophisticated bathroom vanity at an affordable price, you can rely on Pottery Barn, and they will reach you wherever you live.


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