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Home Decor: Bedroom Designing Hacks – 4 Things to Try

Whether you’ve been planning a bedroom makeover for some time or have decided that you’re going to transform the room with the extra time on your hands during the lockdown, bedroom decorating is always a fun topic because there are so many fantastic bedrooms decorating ideas to consider.

No matter the size of your bedroom, making it interesting, soothing, and relaxing, while still looking decorative and maximizing your storage space can be a challenge. But, changing how your bedroom looks can have a great effect on your mental wellbeing. A nice bedroom can do wonders for your mindset and make you feel fresh and energized in the mornings while helping you relax at night.

If you want to take your bedroom from boring and drab to gorgeous, keep these decorating hacks in mind.

Create a Feature Wall:

If all four of your bedroom walls are the same boring color, there’s no need to spend loads of time decorating all of them. A feature wall is simple to do and can really transform your bedroom in less than a day, depending on the style that you go for. Often a dramatic lick of paint in a contrasting color to the rest of the room can have the desired effect, or you might want to go for an interestingly patterned wallpaper.

Peel and stick tiles are a fun and easy way to create a feature wall in your bedroom on a budget and with minimal hassle. There are plenty of styles to choose from whether you want muted wood tones, colorful hues, or modern industrial vibes.

Upgrade Your Bed:

Upgrading your bed can have a massive effect on your room and improve your sleep quality too, so it really is a win-win all around. If you’re blessed with a lot of space in your bedroom, upgrading to a California king bed can make all the difference and really give off that luxurious feel, while you’ll sleep like a king or queen in a bed with plenty of room.

California king mattresses are 4 inches longer than queen or king size, so they’re an ideal choice for taller people too. When choosing a new bed, consider other features that you might like to add such as under bed storage, LED lights around the bottom of the bed, or even a TV in the footboard; the choices are endless!

Create a Gallery Wall:

A gallery wall is a simple yet effective way to decorate a bedroom wall and can be even used in place of a feature wall if you are unable to or don’t want to use paint or wallpaper. And, the options are endless when it comes to what you want to display. You can get framed prints that go with your bedroom’s decor or for that personal touch, use family photos or photos of your pets. Black and white prints or photographs create a classic, timeless look that will fit in with any bedroom decor style.

Use Fabrics:

Never underestimate the power of fabrics and textiles when it comes to creating a new look for your bedroom. If you’re decorating on a budget or don’t have the time to create intricate feature walls, you can easily create a new look using new soft furnishings alone. You can quickly change the overall look and feel of your bedroom using different sizes of decorative pillows and cushions on your bed, while fluffy throws can make the room cozier than ever. You can even use fabrics to create a feature wall by hanging an interesting tapestry behind your bed.

Whether you want to quickly improve the look of your bedroom or give it a completely new design, keep these decorating hacks in mind to achieve the sleeping environment that you want.

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