As we all know, basketball is one of the most beloved sports around the world. Enjoyed by kids, teens, and adults alike, this immensely hyped up sport has encouraged millions of fans to learn, play, and even join the professional basketball league!

If you or your child is interested in basketball, you can decorate their room for them. That way, you can fuel their passion for the sport if in case they’re interested in becoming a professional player someday. However, if you’re not that familiar with the sport, let’s first talk about basketball before we dive into cool basketball bedroom furniture and great basketball theme designs for rooms.

What is Basketball?

Basketball, in case you’re not familiar, is a sport played by two opposing teams of five players per team. The goal is to shoot more basketballs into an elevated hoop than the opposing team. There are corresponding points given depending on the kind of shoot that a player throws. The team with the most points by the end of the time wins the game.

The duration of a single basketball game is 48 minutes. The 48 minutes is divided into four 12-minute periods and has a 15-minute halftime. However, the game clock stops frequently so games usually last around 2 hours unless they go into overtime

Right now, the National Basketball Association (NBA)  postponed the latest season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the basketball association persisted with the games because of the roaring requests of sports fans who want the season to continue. The association prepared health and safety measures for the professional players, coaches, and staff who run each match. Each of these people are to conduct daily testing. Should there be a positive case, then the proper 14-day quarantine would be practiced by the exposed members.

Additionally, the National Basketball Association (NBA) created the NBA League Pass so viewers can stream the games live on platforms like: Hulu + Live TV, FuboTV, NBA TV + League Pass, ESPN+, Sling TV, and more.

There are also three kinds of NBA League Passes that you can purchase. Each one comes at a different price and depends on whether you subscribe monthly or annually.

Now that you have an idea on what basketball is, we can now move on with some cool basketball bedroom furniture theme designs that you can adorn your room!

Cool basketball bedroom furniture theme designs for you:

●     Bedroom Basketball Hoop

The all-time classic bedroom basketball hoop is a necessity for every basketball fan. You won’t be considered one if you don’t have this in your room! That’s why we recommend this compilation of the best Bedroom Basketball Hoops for you to choose from.

●     Basketball-shaped Chair

You can also consider adding a basketball-shaped chair in the corner of your room to add to your b-ball flair from Brookstone that comes with a matching ottoman. The chair plus ottoman set comes in two sizes: the small spans 26” in length, 25” in width, and 20” in height, and the larger one is 33” in length, 34” in height, and 26.5” in width. This set also comes in baseball or football designs if you’re interested in those sports!

●     Basketball Court Rug

This Furnish my Place Basketball Court Kids Area Rug costs $39.99 and can be placed near the foot of your kid’s bed, at the center of the room, or near the entrance of the room. This rug resembles a basketball court and is measured approximately 5 feet x 3.3” feet.

●     Basketball Doormat

The next item on our list is a Basketball Doormat by Pfrewn. It’s approximately 36” in circumference and is currently priced at $26.98. This round doormat can also double as a bath mat rug since it is made of a non-slip material. This item is washable and made of memory foam. The back of this mat has PVC dots to make sure that the mat won’t shift, slip, or skid.

●     Basketball Bean Bag

This Basketball Bean Bag by Wayfair is the way to go for your basketball-themed bedroom. On the plus side, you can also put this in your game room, sports man cave, entertainment room, and more! Made for sports fanatics, this bean bag is made from premium-quality vinyl which makes it strong and long-lasting. Why choose style over comfort when you can have both? Combined with your love for basketball, you really do need this basketball bean bag in your home or office. The weight capacity for this bean bag is approximately 100 lb so make sure not to load anything heavy on it!

●     Basketball-themed Curtains

The next item on our list is these cool basketball curtains by Ambesonne. When you wake up in the morning and draw those curtains open, you can’t help but be inspired to get your head in the game. These 2 panel curtain sets have basketballs printed on a pale cinnamon white cloth and measure 56” x 63” so make sure to measure how long your curtain rod is from the floor in order to make sure the curtains aren’t too long!

●     Basketball Hamper

Last (but not the least) on our list is this basketball hamper. Normally for kids, this basketball hamper by Redmon comes in two colors: red or blue. It costs $20.00 and is collapsible in case it’s not in use! Some say there’s no sense in style, but this hamper is a good contender!


For fans of basketball, these basketball-themed furniture are a way to express their love of the sport. Expressing one’s love for basketball can come in many shapes and forms but what’s important is how we can share the love for basketball with other people. At the end of the day, what truly matters is the camaraderie that basketball brings amongst friends, family, teammates, and even foes.

That is why the people at Make-Shots offer their expertise on basketball. They write and publish basketball news, tips and sports gear buying advice for individuals who love basketball.

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