If you are a sports fan, chances are you are watching big games and events with your friends. After all, they help to make the experience considerably more enjoyable. There’s nothing quite like rooting on your favorite sports team with a few friends.

Usually, these kinds of occasions are had in a bar. But what if you could bring this excitement into your own home? It is perfectly possible to turn your own home into a sports zone for you and your friends. This way, you can watch any event anytime, all from the comfort of your own home. Not to mention you won’t have to pay to enjoy like you would at a bar. But how can you transform your home into a sports venue for you and your friends? Here are some suggestions.

Have Facilities for Guests

If you and your group of friends are really into sports, chances are they are going to be in your house a lot of the time. This means you are going to need the facilities to accommodate them. This includes the likes of having the right heating and AC systems. So it won’t matter if you are watching in the summer or the winter, everyone stays comfortable.

If you really want to transform your home into a social hub, you may even want to consider installing another bathroom. If you and your friends are drinking some beers, it’s likely you may need to use the toilet quite frequently. If you do want to install a new bathroom, you can check out the likes of Maplewood Plumbing who can help with all your facility needs.

Have a Good Screen

You could have the nicest house in the world, but if you are watching the game on your smartphone, you might have some issues trying to get people to come back. It’s definitely worth investing in something good and big to watch events on. This doesn’t mean you have to empty out half of your bank account on a brand new TV. You can get relatively cheap projectors that can offer a great viewing experience.  This means that you can have plenty of friends over and won’t have to worry about anyone not being able to see the screen. This is definitely one of the most important parts of having a sports den.

Have a Private Room

If you do want your home to be the sports hub for your friends, it’s worth remembering you are not transforming the whole house. Especially if you live with others, you are going to want to keep this transformation restricted to one room. Take a spare room or convert your attic or basement for the most private option. This way, the room will forever act as the sports den. You won’t be disturbed when watching big events, nor will you and your company disturb other members of the household. It will give both you and your guests the peace and quiet you need.


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