Deciding on a flooring type is hard enough, and most especially when there’s so many options and you might have lots of boxes that need ticking! If you’ve narrowed it down to solid wood flooring, then there will be another list of requirements and specifications that need to be met. Since solid wood flooring is not a cheap choice, you’ll want to get exactly what you want. A lot of the time it’s a competition between dark or light wood, with both of them having their own benefits and draw backs like anything, both creating beautiful but totally different looks.

So what is the best wood flooring type for your home?


Light floors

Although light floors might be associated with a contemporary interior and versatile nature, it’s actually easy to make a bold, characteristic statement with light floors and there’s no reason it should be plain and uninspiring. Light floors provide the perfect subtle backdrop and can accentuate your furniture, as well as offering a bright feel to your room. A light décor opens up a room and gives the illusion of more space, as well as being nice and easy to pair with different colours. It’s a safe and trustworthy option.

One of the best features of a lighter wood is that it suits pretty much all décor themes, regardless of your taste. As mentioned above, light wood is ideal id you have a contemporary style home, or perhaps a whitewashed wood for a bit of shabby chic. As well as this, a light wood shows off imperfections and character more than a darker wood. However there are some practical limitations to a lighter wood. Due to the colour, a light wood tends to show the dirt more than a darker floor, so just be aware of this when you’re c choosing. This is not a big deal, however it is worth being aware of this when you’re choosing!


Dark wood

Now the opposite, dark wood’s popularity had soared in recent years with many home owners opting for it above light wood. It adds a beautiful, unbeatable elegance to your home with lots of class and sophistication. Even if you don’t splash the cash on other areas of your interior, dark wood will more than make up for it. It is however a common misconception that dark flooring isn’t as versatile as a light floor, but this simply isn’t the case! Actually, the dark floor can really make the colours in the rest of the room pop! If you’re someone who enjoys a room with lots of gorgeous contrast, then dark wood is certainly a goo option.

From a practical side, a darker wood flooring is much better at hiding the dirt and any damage, you’ll certainly notice a difference when you come to sweep and mop. This is great if you have pets or kids where cleaning feels like a never ending job, the best thing is to have a flooring that helps you with your cleaning routine!



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