Did your washing machine break and you’re stuck wondering how to fix it? Find out how to do so in today’s guide.

It’s laundry day. All of your favorite clothes are dirty, and you look at your washing machine as the only solution. The next laundromat is miles away, making it a dire need to use this washing machine in your home.

You grab all of the clothes in your hamper and place them inside the machine. Then once you add the detergent and press the START button, a surprise occurs.

Nothing happens.

So now you have a choice to make: Find a washing machine repair barrie to help solve the problem or try to tackle the issue yourself.

Warning: Before you plan on doing any work on your washing machine, make sure that the device is completely turned off.

But diagnosing the machine is possible, even for the basic DIYer. It takes a basic understanding of washing machines and some patience to ensure that you’ll get the job done correctly. And in this post, we’ll help you out!

Check For the Power

The easiest solution is always the best. Is your washing machine losing power? Is the power cord even connected? The first act of defense is to hope that the problem is just a loose plug, broken power outlet, or a damaged cord.

But if your machine is receiving power and still isn’t operating, then it’s time to know your machine in a deeper level.

After checking the power, you need to check for its water supply. The hoses might be kinked or the knobs might have been accidentally turned. So inspecting these parts might give you an answer. If your washer has a water-saver button, make sure that button isn’t pressed.

If it isn’t a water or power source issue, the issue is that your washing machine might not be working because it has to be cleaned.

How to Clean Your Washing Machine

One of the main reasons why your laundry might not remain dirty after placing it in the washing machine; the washing machine has to be cleaned.

Regularly clean your washing machine doors to prevent detergent and dirt from building up. When you wash your linty materials, pull the lint from the tub after taking out the laundry. The lint can keep detergent and water from circulating, and the soap deposits will cause your laundry to go bad.

To solve this issue, fill the tub completely with water and 3 cups of white vinegar or add a ½ cup baking soda to clean the machine. Rinse and wash out your tub completely before wiping it out with bleach.

Lastly, place the machine washer in a complete washing cycle before placing more laundry in. Hopefully, you’ll be able to address this issue with these steps.


Washing machine repair barrie can help you fix your washing machine quickly. But, always try to diagnose the problem first before looking for professional services. Doing so will save you time and money and will help keep your washing machine clean.

Do you have any additional questions about fixing your washer machine?

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