Home Improvement: Insanely Useful Garden Must-Haves

With so many weird and wonderful products for the garden, it can be hard to separate the good and the useful from the bad. There are so many amazing products that help improve your gardening skills and enhance your projects, so it’s always worth doing a little research and investing in the essentials. With so many to choose from, such as call up Placer arborists for garden care, we’ve gathered the most useful must-haves for your garden that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

Elite Greenhouse

Whether you want to grow fruit and vegetables all year around, or you want a dedicated space to work on your gardening projects, the Elite greenhouses make a great addition to the garden. Available in a range of sizes at varied prices, you can select the style and size that suits your garden and your gardening requirements. A strong favourite from the Elite greenhouse range is the Elite Titan. This greenhouse offers a chic frame with glass panels and plenty of space, ideal for working on a number of projects. Not only will this greenhouse transform your gardening as a whole, but it’ll add a great focal point to your garden too, giving it a little more character and personality.

Elite Titan 7’5” Wide Greenhouse | Two Wests | £1,149.00

Gazebo with Side Panels

If there’s one thing you add to your garden it has to be a gazebo. Gazebo’s are a garden essential for a number of reasons, with the main one being that they provide an extra room for your home, enabling you to make the most out of your garden space even through the bad weather. In the UK, you can never plan for the weather and a gazebo enables you to enjoy your outdoor parties, BBQ’s and get togethers come rain or shine. It’s an added bonus that you can take them down and put them up quickly and easily, so they don’t have to be a permanent fixture in the garden.

Argos Home 3m x 6m Weather Resistant Gazebo with Side Panels | Argos | £120

Hozelock Garden Spray Bottle

From watering the plants in the garden to inside the house, you need a trusty little spray bottle to get the job done properly. With a turning nozzle for different pressures and a full litre container to see you through all of your plants, it’s an essential you’ll reach for on a weekly basis. There are so many useful purposes for this handy little spray bottle, but it’s an essential in the gardening world.

Hozelock Garden Spray Bottle 1L | Wickes | £3.50

Copper Snail and Slug Tape

There’s nothing more frustrating than slugs and snails getting into your plants and crops and leaving their slimy trail behind. Not only do they leave a horrible line behind them, but they can really set you back and cause problems with your gardening projects. To avoid these pesky visitors, you need to invest in some copper tape. It’s an essential and it works a dream, keeping the snails or slugs at bay and keeping your plants healthy and strong.

Verve Copper Slug & Snail Tape | B&Q | £4.40





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