Now that the cold weather is setting in many people across the country are switching on the central heating and lighting the fires to keep warm and cosy. Whilst this is a great way to warm up the house quickly, it’s not the most efficient and can cost a lot of money too. There are lots of ways in which you can keep warm at home during the winter, without having to have the heating on full every day. Continue reading to find out how…

Check Your Insulation

If you have an attic or loft in your home, then you’ll know all about insulation. The insulation helps to keep your home warm and protected from the cold weather outside, but if it’s not installed correctly, or at all, then you’re going to suffer. Now is the time to get in touch with a local timber merchants, such as Milford Building Supplies, or speak to your local builder for some advice on your home’s insulation and how, if you need to, you can improve it. Making sure your insulation is working properly before the winter is essential, otherwise you’ll find yourself feeling the cold more often than not.


Invest in Quality Curtains or Blinds

By having a decent set of window blinds or curtains in your home, you can save a fortune on energy bills. Curtains and blinds work as a thermal sheet in the home, helping to block out any of the cold and keep the warm feeling warm and cosy. You can find a range of blinds designed specifically for thermal purposes, with curtains boasting thick, durable materials to really keep the space warm and draught free. If your existing curtains or blinds aren’t helping to keep that cool air out, then you may want to look at replacing them and adding something newer to the space to get that added insulation within the room.

Wrap Up Warm

For many people, putting extra layers on when in the home isn’t the desired option, but when it’s cold outside you sometimes have to wrap up warm even when indoors. From a thick pair of slipper socks to cosy pyjamas, there are so many cosy clothing options available to keep you warm and comfortable at the same time. Similarly, you could look at wearing an extra layer to keep yourself warm on the colder days, as this will save you having to put the central heating on full blast and wasting unnecessary money. It’s also a great idea to add a new blanket to the sofa, something for you to cuddle up in when watching the TV or kicking back with a good book, you’ll be amazed just how warm and cosy you’ll stay.


Blocking Out Draughts

Whether it’s the front door or that random window that lets too much air flow through, there’s always somewhere in the home that causes a draught. Now that the cold weather is here and the winds are picking up, you need to block these draughts and prevent as much air from filtering through as possible. Whether you invest in a cute draught excluder like these from next, or you fill in any cracks yourself, you can save more money by blocking out the draughts and keeping each room warm and insulated.

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