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Home: The Beauty of Commercial Staircases


March 16, 2017

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By Lauren Bracy

Staircases are very important part of a building and should be built with care and as per proper architectural standards.

Stairs help people to move from one floor inside a building to another floor and are among the most important parts of any building. The staircases are so important that people are willing to invest a fortune, not just for aesthetics, but also to make them strong and make them look unique.

Unique design of a staircase will be the most striking things that catches the attention of a visitor to an office. You can easily see commercial staircases in any office, building or malls. These are basically heavy duty staircases that are built to last for years if not centuries together.

There are architects and designers who are specially trained, who are experts in the field of staircase designing and construction whose services are employed by various staircase designing companies. You may wonder why an architect is needed to make a staircase.

The answer to this is that staircases are one of the most used routes by people to move up and down a building even though the building may have elevators or lifts. So, it is very important to make staircases strong and safe for the people who will be frequently using it.

Some unique types of commercial staircases

It’s not just important to have a good and strong staircase but it is also important to have a designer commercial staircase as well. Below-mentioned are some of the unique commercial staircase designs which you may choose.


1.) Circular staircases without risers

These staircases consume 40% less space than normal staircases. Not only are they less space consuming, but they look very trendy and new as well. People usually avoid circular staircases as they feel that it will be tough to climb them, but they are way more comfortable to climb upstairs.

The word “without risers” simply means that the vertical space in between two stairs is empty and you can see through it.

2.) Circular Staircase with metal frame and without risers

There was once a time when circular staircases were only found inside ships but now days it has changed and you find them in a lot of offices as well. The stairs here are fixed on to a vertical metal frame that extends from the floor to the ceiling and holds the whole weight of the stairs.

Therefore, the staircase consumes only 20% of the total space of what a traditional staircase would take.

3.) Helical Staircase

This is one of the unique, different and unseen commercial staircases of all times. This staircase has been made in only about 10 places in the world. Here the whole staircase stands on a metal frame which is built like a rollercoaster’s frame.

Glass and metal are the main elements of this staircase and give it an unmatched look from all angles.

4.) Half Turn glass and wood staircase

The half turn glass and wood staircase is one of the most comfortable staircases for people which are mostly seen in banks and commercial offices where a lot of people come in every day. The idea behind designing this type of staircase is to help senior citizens to climb from one floor to another.

This is very important in small buildings and even houses where senior citizens are there. There are around 3-4 steps first and then a turn where you can stand and relax and then go ahead with the final fleet of steps.

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