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Dallas Keuchel - Pitcher, Houston Astros
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Houston Astros: Dallas Keuchel is having an underrated 1st half

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We are only about a month away from the All-Star game and there is one pitcher who is quietly having a dominating first half. Dallas Keuchel of the Houston Astros is having a very underrated 1st half. In 11 games, Dallas Keuchel is 9-0 with an era of 1.67.

What makes Keuchel dangerous is that he is dominating both at the Minute Maid Park and on the road. When you look at some of the other pitchers like Clayton Kershaw, Chris Sale, Stephen Strasburg and others who are having good seasons so far. They are, however, not pitching as well as Keuchel has been so far. Yes, it is still early in the season and a lot can still happen to stop Keuchel but I do not see anything stopping him. It also makes it well for Keuchel that he is playing on a Houston Astros team that has the best record in baseball and you can attest a lot of that towards him. It goes so much when a team has a pitcher who can simply dominate. It sits well with Astros manager, AJ Hinch, that he doesn’t need to go to the bullpen every fifth day.

In my opinion, he is slowly becoming one of the game’s better pitchers because he is able to dominate his opponents. Opposing hitters are only hitting .183 against him so far. I feel he is also becoming one of the better pitchers in baseball because he is able to fly under the radar. What people forget is that he is coming off a twenty win season only two years ago. So if Dallas Keuchel continues to be the utter dominant pitcher that he has been the first half, he could be both be on the verge of winning twenty games and possibly a CY Young award.

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