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Houston Texans: 5 people to watch

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Teams are slowly starting to trickle into their respective camps. The fans are beginning their observations of their favorite team and players. When it comes to the Houston Texans, there are several “new” players that fans may want to watch. In this article, I will give you five guys to keep your eye on during camp.

JJ Watt

Watt has recently been under a microscope. However, it is not for the reasons that players usually are under. Watt has recently suffered a few injuries. He just underwent back surgery and will miss some time. Then why put JJ Watt on a training camp watch list? You are going to want to watch him for his rehab. How well does his rehab go? Is he going to miss more time than expected? Tons of questions that surround this man right now. Keep your eye on JJ Watt throughout the Texans training camp.

Bill O’Brien

O’Brien is now in his 3rd season as the Head Coach of the Texans. In his first two years he, really did not have a solid QB. He now has that QB in Brock Osweiler. O’Brien is often called a QB whisperer. Can he make Osweiler look like he is worth the large contract he was awarded? If Osweiler can perform, then Bill O’Brien should look like a genius and should lead the Texans back to the playoffs. Keep your eye on Head Coach Bill O’Brien.

Braxton Miller

Why not put WR Will Fuller on this list? I am more interested in seeing WR Braxton Miller. DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller are going to grab all the attention of the opposing defense. Can Braxton Miller break the lineup and become a hot target for Osweiler in the slot? If he can, look for this offense to begin to flourish. Especially later in the season. For this reason, I add WR Braxton Miller to the list to watch.

Lamar Miller

Miller was the other high-priced free agent added to the offense. When the Texans moved on from veteran Arian Foster they needed someone to fill the void. Miller was selected as that back. Miller was never utilized with the Miami Dolphins in a way that he should have. He has good hands and can be a 3 down back if needed. Keep an eye on Lamar Miller and he is utilized in the Texans offense.

Brock Osweiler

The Texans put a lot of money into the QB position. They made the playoffs in 2015 with a QB carousel. That rarely happens. If you have questions at QB, you usually do not have one. Now there are no questions at the position so there should be no excuses. Right? Osweiler only has a small starting sample, but it was big enough for Houston to give him $18 million a year. Keep your eyes on Osweiler and see if there is a continued growth or some regression in his first full season as a starter in the NFL.

The Houston Texans are a solid football team. They should easily challenge for a division crown. The AFC South is weak. If the Texans get all the pieces to click, it could be an exciting season in Houston. Super Bowl 51 is in Houston. Could a host team finally play in the Super Bowl? Keep your eyes peeled and we will see.

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