A kitchen is the most important part of a house. You love to cook at a place that is vibrant and open. A kitchen must be clean. It should have enough space to move around easily to grab different stuff while cooking. If you have small place then you need to think before designing your kitchen. A kitchen is full of various kinds of items.

You need an artistic sense to place them in a perfect way. Awake your inner interior artist and make plan to set your small kitchen.  Not able to hire chefs because of limited space. Don’t worry, now you can hire chefs. Now by adopting some simple techniques, you can make your kitchen wider in look.

1.   Interior is the Key:

A small kitchen has limited space. To utilize that limited space in an ideal way needs an artistic approach. To give it a wider or large look interior of the kitchen is the key. Use glass windows to get an open look. Wall cabinets from top to bottom are also very useful.

cabinet light

You can squeeze all your cutlery and kitchen tools in those cabinets. If these cabinets have glass doors it will make your job easier. You can grab the stuff easily besides giving it a classic look.

  • Lights must be Perfect:

Adjust the lights in a signature style throughout the cooking range. The extra light enhances its beauty and makes it look open. Set lights in different areas of the kitchen. The cooking range of small kitchens must be properly illuminated under the dining table and cabinets. For the dining table, you can use the favorite chandelier to illuminate. In the dark place under the cabinet, we need a small cabinet light, but when we make a meal, the hand is often wet or greasy. You can use Touchless Hand Sensor Cabinet Lamp.

  • Ventilation Should be Appropriate:

While doing the interior of a small kitchen ventilation process is a big deal. Proper ventilation is essential because it makes your work easy. Without a proper ventilation system, you cannot work in the kitchen. Interior designers should style it in a perfect way that covers limited space. You can add greenery to it in the form of artificial plants. It will give your kitchen a fresh look.

  • Use the Kitchen Walls in a Perfect Way:

Walls of a small kitchen can be used in a perfect way. On one sidewall, you can have a glass window to have an outside look. On the second wall, you can have full-wall cabinets. The third wall can be styled with stove, dishwasher, and open shelves.

Even on the upper wall of the cooking range and dishwasher you can have the open shelves. You can place the daily use cutlery on these shelves. Get the one easily when you need it. Use hangings with the walls to hang items. For example, you can hang the pans, spoons, and strainers. The choice is yours what you want to hang. You can utilize that space in an ideal way.

  • Every Inch of the Kitchen Matters:

Remember one thing, every inch of your small kitchen matters a lot. You cannot ignore even a single inch of your kitchen while doing its interior. Must keep in mind while making cabinets and shelves that you also have to move around. It must have enough space to go to the refrigerator to get a product while cooking. Therefore, adjust the size of cabinets and shelves after marking the free space to walk around.

2.   Best Selection of Color

While selecting the color must remember you are selecting for a small kitchen. Select a color that gives it a wider and brighter look. You cannot ignore the importance of color selection in enhancing its look. To give it smooth ambiance select the color according to the need putting your favorite color aside.


  • Bright Color for the Walls:

The color of the walls of the small kitchen has a huge impact on its looks. Always use bright colors for small kitchens. It is recommended worldwide that bright colors give the small rooms or kitchen a wider impact. The best color of the wall for such kitchens is white. You can also use the off-white color, grey, ceramal, and other colors like these. Avoid using dark colors as those colors give a dark look to your small kitchen.

  • Cabinets Color Selection is an Art:

With the bright color walls, the cabinets color selection is an art. You need to choose a color that goes with the walls. Most people prefer to color the cabinets in brown color to give them a natural look. Now a huge variety of colors are available and you can select one of them. The perfect color selection adds more attraction to your kitchen.

You can select the same color for your cabinets like walls to give it a consistent look. For a fresh look, you can add plants and other decoration items in the kitchen. With white walls you can color the cabinets grey. It’s totally up-to-you. Here you can also use some sharp colors. But never forget that it just goes and compliments with the color of the walls.

3.   Selection of Cutlery

In limited space, you cannot place unlimited stuff. In small kitchens, the selection of cutlery is also very crucial. You will get a vast range of cutlery in terms of design and size. While buying a cutlery set keep in mind the size of your cabinet or shelf. Do not buy large-sized triangular plates as that will cover too much space. Try to buy the cutlery that is important to buy.

If you will buy extra cutlery that will put you in trouble. You will buy it and will start getting upset where to place it. Thus, buy some important cutlery items that you need. Similarly while buying the glasses try to buy the glasses that are small in size and in height. Like you cannot afford to buy big wine glasses. Not in terms of price but in terms of limited space.

4.   Placement of Kitchen Tools according to the Need

In the kitchen, you have the stuff that you used on a daily basis. You also have the extra stuff that you used once a month or week. While working in a small kitchen smoothly the arrangement of the stuff should be perfect. Place the tools and cutlery you used on regular basis on the front.

You can place it on the open shelves or can hang it on the wall. It will save time while cooking and will help you to cook smoothly. With this ideal placement you will not face difficulty to search the required item while cooking.

5.   Join it with the Lounge or any Open Area

To add a wider look to your kitchen you can join it in an open area or a room. In various houses, you have seen the kitchens with their lounge or any room. The reason behind that is to give it a broad look. You can also adopt this style by merging it with your dining room or lounge. It not only changes its approach but also beneficial for the new mothers.

As they can easily keep an eye on their newborn while working in the kitchen. They put the baby on the couch in the lounge and work freely in the kitchen.

Bottom Line:

With these 5 simple things, you can easily change the approach of your small kitchen. You will love to cook food for your family in this classic small kitchen.

About the Author:

Christina is the marketing director of ENUOTEK. She is a designer specializing in interior decoration. In a rough article, she shared her insights into a range of interiors, decorative techniques, soft furniture and building renovations. For more information, please visit www.enuotek.com.

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