Our home planet, earth as we know it has, is a dynamic planet. Although there are constants such as the time it takes for its revolution around the sun, its inhabitants- we humans- constantly come up with ideas that plunge us into new ages. For instance, take a glance at the invention of robots: no doubt, the world is fast evolving artificial intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of things; piloting events.

Are you still in doubt? Not to bother, this article aims at clearing those doubts and exchanging your ignorance with understanding. Read on:

Let’s Understand the Term: Artificial Intelligence

In the field of computer science, artificial intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by machines. As opposed to natural intelligence shown in humans, artificial intelligence is a programmed-kind-of-intelligence.

In tomorrow’s world, robots will be able to do everything humans can do, and even better. That’s not to say these robots would become more intelligent than us; just that they would show better efficiency compared to us (these guys are machines; no fatigue!)

How Fast is AI Evolving?

Ranging from facial recognition apps to robots as waiters in restaurants to AI self-driven cars; it’s impossible to ignore the exponential growth of artificial intelligence and its impact on virtually every industry in the world. In 2020, with the rate at which more and more people are launching into coding and programming education, we should expect exponential growth in the coming decade.


What Industries are the Impact of AI More Visible?

 Home Maintenance

You haven’t started using AI to take care of your home cleaning? A decade ago, that could have been acceptable; but right now, that’s surprising! Beginning from robotic pool cleaners such as Hayward Pool Vac to robotic vacuum cleaners such as iRobot, AI has touched virtually every aspect of home cleaning.

The why is crystal clear: as humans, we are prone to imperfections. With machines, the probability of these errors occurring is significantly reduced. So, why not just program the machine to clean the house while you go to rest?


If you were to play a video game; would you rather compete with a figure that is more sophisticated and stronger than you are? Or would you rather choose someone in the same level as your capabilities? If it were a few years ago, most people would go with the latter. However presently, people would choose the former. Funny huh? And this is a key way AI has impacted gaming.

The original purpose for gaming is the provision of consumer enjoyment which is only possible through the provision of maximum performance. With the inception of AI –proven with the introduction of virtual reality games and improvised video games- the gamer gets involved in more relatable events thereby encouraging more customer satisfaction.


It is shocking how many lives have been lost in the previous decade to minor issues such as medical record mix-up.

Luckily, artificial intelligence impact on medicine has removed this risk. For instance, it is efficient to create algorithms that sort out data and information about patients than put together paper files in a carton.


Have you ever gone shopping on amazon on a web browser, only to see advertisements about the same items later some other time? This is probably the most relatable area of impact of AI in our lives. Why? Almost everyone has done some form of shopping on the net!

The same algorithm that takes into account google searches on the web, takes note of the items you are interested in on the net and makes sure advertising online can be more targeted.

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