Re-engaging past patrons and engaging meaningfully with current customers can be challenging for all the small businesses. But, with the help of the BI tools and software, you can create a more efficient flow of your team in the process. The business intelligence tool keeps track of and connects with your customers who have interacted with your business in any way. You can use this tool to connect with vendors, clients, and customers. Whether your business contains a short or long sales cycle, it improves the quality of your customer relationships at all phases in the purchasing journey. There are several benefits that you can attain with the help of business intelligence. 

With the BI, you can identify areas of the opportunity. In this way, you will be able to optimize your business development in the better way by making the performance of your staff much better.

Offers security 

This cloud-based Powerbi offers A-level security for all its users. This is the reason; it protects from phishing and credentials attack. To browse, login, send, and read messages, the HTTPS comes in the email for the whole session. It is one of the best messengers that offers more than it. You can use it as the alternative of an auto-responder. It is getting popular with time, and it makes communication easy for all the users. The unique and innovative features make it more efficient for users.

It offers several options like better mobile experience, conversation view, real-time doc collaboration, share, and edit docs online, the ability to view, big-sized file attachment, and many more.

Schedule notifications

With the use of the built-in google calendar integration, a user has the option to schedule reminder notifications right inside the Messenger. In this way, you will not follow up time again and or miss any call. There are different calendar integrations added in future updates. If you have a favorite calendar, you can put it in future updates.

In this way, you will get a clear picture of the buying cycle, deliver what your customers require, and know what to work with targeted marketing.

This is the best tool that is used to grow your traffic by transforming casual visitors into potential customers. Get those casual blog browsers, YouTube viewers, and casual social media followers. In this way, you will cultivate an audience by sharing your projects and ideas. It shares your ideas with a custom landing page. You can produce a landing to share your new projects and creative ideas with your audiences. You can offer your readers a free automatic download.

  • Shared document

Share a source of handy documents to attach with all outgoing messages like corporate forms and brochures.

  • Management Key indicators

These indicators report to keep an eye on communication performance and offer managers real-time statistics at a glance.


It allows a business to manage and build relationships with current and prospective customers. It is integrated with other customer systems or BI software that ensures that the leads you generate through Facebook lead as campaigns. This tool is simple and very easy to use to improve your business.


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