How Businesses Can Grow Back

When the coronavirus unexpectedly emerged from Wuhan and spread throughout the world, it made leaders think and act fast. The whole world shut down for some time – there was no traffic movement, people were asked to stay indoors, and shops and malls were shutdown. Only essential shops were allowed to remain open. That too with proper safety measures like masks and distancing. People were weary as no one knew much about how the virus spread. So, they hunkered down with basic supplies.

This led to the closure of multiple businesses, that needed regulars to show up and buy things from them. But without that, many store owners didn’t know how to generate sales. But then people did need things – essential and non-essential, so how could they get it without having to leave their homes?- Home deliveries.

Delivery apps

The answer to the questions above was very simple -home deliveries. Online deliveries began rising and businesses who realised that this trend would be there for long, began taking delivery orders.Essentials are needed by every household and include groceries, toilet paper, cleaning products etc. Non-essentials would include electronics like phones, air conditioners, laptops or mouse. The demand for non-essentials also rose as people were working from home and they would need certain things to work seamlessly.And because they couldn’t go out, suppliers would have to reach them.

This is the way forward for local businesses too. If the customer can’t come to you, you go to the customer. But getting the order right is the first thing in proper customer service. Businesses would take orders from customers and then have the order delivered. Local businesses also began doing this, as surviving without making sales would be hard.

However, there were still some issues with placing orders in relations to items, quantity and prices. Customers were not aware of the prices and orders over the phone were unclear. There would be items missing and customers wouldn’t be ok with the pricing.

For many such businesses, the problem was solved through delivery apps. A grocery delivery app development company can build an app for your local business. Apps are the easiest and most efficient way to ensure that you have the correct items, show the right prices and have the right delivery address. Moreover, this can help customers as they can track the status of their order, live.

It is easier to monitor your delivery personnel than the numerous customers who come into the shop. You can ensure that your staff takes proper precautions and the surroundings are sanitised. With limited staff, the chances of getting the virus would be reduced. A delivery app is one of the best ways to ensure that you continue to raise revenue and ensure your business survives.

Virtual world

Online deliveries are on the rise. Amazon has had to hire around 50,000 temporary workers to meet the demand surge for delivery services. Everything has moved online or to virtual platforms, as the contagious virus makes it difficult for people to be too close to each other.

The same has happened with schools and educational institutions. Children are a vulnerable category as per WHO and following this information, many institutions shut their doors. The children needed to learn and hence online meeting software like zoom got a lot of popularity.

The world has become virtual now more than ever. There are contactless deliveries of products and services. Services and contactless deliveries were thought difficult but are a reality now, with consultations and teaching occurring online.

The world has changed, and business will have to adapt to continue. Change is constant and all entrepreneurs need to adapt to change to have a long life in business and that’s how businesses can grow back amidst the pandemic.

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