Wood Flower Bouquet

Flowers can make or break an event. That is why people usually ask specialists for help when it comes to choosing the right kind of flowers and the right way of arranging them. In recent years, event planners have been using more and more alternatives to regular flowers and bouquets. For instance, a lot of brides have been walking down the aisle hold wooden flowers wedding bouquets. This type of wood flower bouquet can be quite the show-stopper, if chosen carefully, and can even be more impressive that a traditional bouquet.  

Why Is a Wood Flower Bouquet a Right Choice?

When planning an event there a lot of things to take care of. From venue to table seating and from caterers to decorations, there are a million aspects one needs to take care of and also make sure that nothing is forgotten. Among these things are floral arrangements, especially bouquets. Choosing a bouquet can sometimes be quite stressful. It has to be in tone with the rest of the event while complementing the one who caries it. But it also has to be in season and, although one might want extravagance, it doesn’t have to stick out like a sore thumb. This is why specialists are usually called in and consulted in order for the right decision to be taken. 

In recent years, more and more of these floral designers and event planning professionals have started suggesting a wood flower bouquet as an alternative to a real flower one. The advantages wooden flowers have over real ones are numerous, starting with the fact that they are practically immortal. Also, wood is a very warm material to work with. If done right, each flower is a work of art in itself that casts a halo of warmth and wholesomeness. The bouquet itself can be customized to smell and look like anything one might want, making the hard task of getting everything “to go” with everything else that much easier. 

More so, a wood flower bouquet is quite affordable, without looking cheap. That means that even events with a tight budget can have that note of refinement wood decorations bring anywhere they’re used. There are a lot of craft stores, workshops and even florists that started carrying a wood flower alternative just so they can still claim a piece of the action. With their popularity on the rise, these types of bouquets are here to stay and will be making appearances anywhere from red carpet star-studded events to graduation parties and small family gatherings. 

How Hard Is It to Choose a Wood Flower Bouquet?

Even if one has decided that a wood flower bouquet is the right way to go for an event, there is still the difficult task of choosing the right bouquet with the right flowers. There are many things to consider from personal preferences and all the way to the events’ color scheme and various other details that might appear. This is why it is important that the person needing the bouquet talk to a professional before making any choices. Luckily for anyone looking for a bouquet made out of wooden flowers the market today has a very wide variety of people making them and of possible ways of arranging them as well. 

The first step anyone interested in such a bouquet should do is a bit of research on what type of flowers are available at shops near them. There’s no sense in spending on shipping more than on the bouquet itself. After checking out what you can get locally you can start looking and more distant options. remember though that when you shop locally you are helping a small business and local craftsman to grow and develop, and possibly get more people interested in the craft. 

After choosing the type of flowers one wants to use for the bouquet, one should talk to a professional about colors, perfume, arrangement and preservation. One of the best things about wooden flowers is that you can make them look, smell and even feel like anything you want. They are fully customizable and can last a lifetime, if taken care of properly. There are a few things one might want to be careful of when taking care of a wooden flower bouquet, but nothing as pretentious as in the case of real flowers.

Where to Find the Right Wooden Flowers Wedding Bouquet?

There are a few ways one can come about finding the right wooden flowers wedding bouquet. The most obvious one, and usually the quickest, is to go down to your local florist or crafts workshop and see what they have on offer. Chances are you might find what you want, or if not totally satisfied with what they’ve already got, fine tune it to your exact specifications. A lot of traditional flower shops are now using wood as an alternative to real flowers, for a lot of reasons, the first one being that wood is never out of season. Secondly, wooden flowers are an eco-friendly alternative to force-grown real flowers. The wood used to make the flowers is a light one, usually sola or balsa wood, which can be found in abundance in many areas around the world.

If your local florist doesn’t have what you’re looking for, or if you want something really special, you can pop into almost any hobby shop near you and pick up everything you need to make your own flowers and ultimately your own wooden flowers wedding bouquet and floral arrangements. It might take a bit of work and patience, and a couple of YouTube tutorials, to get the flowers just the way you want them, but it can be a fun project for the more artistically inclined. Also, it can end up being a very fun way of bonding with friends that might want to help you. Any way you want to look at it, making your own flowers can be a fun experience, with materials and tools being widely available in most hobby shops.

How to Take Care of a Wooden Flowers Wedding Bouquet After Using It


A lot of couples want to keep a souvenir of their special. Day. most save the top of the wedding cake or the custom made napkins along with the pictures and the various other little things they collect that day. some even try to keep the bouquet. Some will dry the flowers while others will have them vacuum sealed in a bag. The latest in wedding bouquet preserving technology is flash freezing. Which certainly gives the flowers a nice ”frozen in time” vibe. But you don’t need to worry about any of these procedures when you go for a wooden flowers wedding bouquet. 

The fact that it’s made out of wood practically means that, if cared for properly, can last forever, without having to open the freezer every time you want a glimpse of that special day. The flowers are treated with a special lacquer that makes them resistant to heat, water and direct light. Some of the shine might wear of in time, but that’s nothing a new coat of lacquer can’t fic. This way you can display your bouquet in your house all year round without the fear of the flowers wilting away. 

Another thing about a wooden flowers wedding bouquet is that you can keep it smelling just as nice as the day you walked down the aisle with it. Just remember to spritz it from time to time with your favorite scent and you’re good to go. You can find more tips and tricks about how to care for your wood flowers bouquet by going online and simply searching or by going down to your florists and asking them.                  

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