Difficulties in conceiving and reproducing their own kind have no boundaries or nationality. It doesn’t matter where the person who dreams of a child is living – in England or the USA – for him there is nothing more important than leaving his continuation in this world. For problems with the natural process, you can always turn to assisted reproductive methods. But the laws of states are not always loyal to such methods of overcoming infertility.

Therefore, desperate people are forced to go on a surrogacy journey, so that the cherished dream comes true.

Center for human reproduction of the Clinic of Professor A. Feskov since 1995 has been engaged in helping thousands of spouses from around the globe fulfill their main mission – to give the world a new person. Guaranteed all-inclusive packages for <u>surrogacy </u>with an unlimited number of IVF provide a consistently successful result even in the seemingly most hopeless cases!


The specificities of surrogacy in the UK

Due to the fact that the British surrogate legislation is not well-developed, even citizens of the country who want to use the service have many difficulties. For foreigners such an opportunity is not even considered.


  • Secondly, a woman who has not given birth to her child is recognized as a legitimate mother, just like her partner is a legitimate father
  • Thirdly, no surrogate agreement, even drawn up in accordance with all the rules, has legal force and is not subject to enforcement.
  • Fourth, in order to obtain documents for your child, an application for the Parental Authority Order must be submitted and it will be for the court to decide.


These are the highlights of the 1985 Law. In addition, in order to be able to apply for paternity, it is necessary that one or both parents be genetically native to the baby. In the case of surrogate motherhood with genetic material from the donor, when the child is not native to the estimated parents, only the official adoption procedure is possible. For this, the surrogate mother and her partner must give written consent.

Since there is no international law on this subject, the United Kingdom doesn’t recognize any child documents issued in other countries. Immigration policy doesn’t contain clear provisions on surrogate children. Each case is considered separately. It may even be necessary to apply for a permit to enter the country for the baby thus born. Therefore, it is important for the family to understand the consequences and difficulties of returning to their homeland at the level of laws.


What about surrogacy in the US?

In the United States, legislation on this subject varies by jurisdiction. From an absolute prohibition and criminal punishment in Michigan to permission for same-sex couples and singles in Florida. It is in Florida and California that the most elaborate and loyal surrogate legislation (even for foreigners) is included, including legal protection for both prospective parents and surrogate mothers.

A detailed agreement signed by all participants is subject to mandatory execution. Immediately after birth, parents become owners of the baby’s birth certificate with their names. A newborn automatically receives the citizenship of this state, with all the benefits.

For the comfort of patients, in the Clinic of professor Feskov A.M. a package is being implemented, according to which, a surrogate mother selected from the database will go to any clinic in the world for childbirth after IVF and pregnancy. Besides, that service saves time and money to come to Ukraine, after birth in the chosen country of birth the baby automatically receives all the privileges on the right of birth (Canada, USA, Czech Republic).


Difference in financial benefits for surrogate mothers

As mentioned above, in the UK it is considered a crime to pay a separate surrogate mother fee. You can only reimburse her expenses for


  • visits and transfers;
  • clothes for pregnant women;
  • medical manipulations;
  • basic needs;
  • compensation for disability;
  • insurance, etc.


Approximately this is from 9,000 to 26,000 &euro; In any case all costs should be recorded and made available to the authorities for verification.

Due to such restrictions, there is a deficiency of surrogate mothers and donors in the country, which forces infertile couples to wait their turn for years. Moreover, without a guaranteed result – if the court decides to leave the child to a surrogate mother, people will lose both the child and money.

In the United States, surrogate motherhood will be very expensive, since the commercial type of service is legalized in the country. This means that in addition to reimbursing current and other expenses for pregnancy, after the birth of the baby, the prospective parents pay a certain amount of money, as a reward for labor. Payments range from 20,000 – 45,000 &euro. So many American women are willing to help people in distress, as well as make a decent money.

What to pay attention to, given international distances?

Having decided to realize a surrogacy program abroad, you should consider how communication and monitoring of the process will be carried out. British parents will not be able to visit a surrogate mother from the USA as often as they would like if she lived in England.

But, thanks to modern communications and video conferencing, you can be in touch with the right person almost 24 hours a day. In addition, specialized clinics and surrogate agencies are responsible for the well-being of the surrogate mother and the child she bears for the future parents. Therefore, ensuring the necessary control, especially for international patients, is a priority.

Most often, warm, good relations arise between participants in the process, which can continue afterwards.

Ukrainian Center for human reproduction of the Clinic of professor Feskov A.M. offers high-quality medicine and service, an affordable fixed cost, as well as packages with all-inclusive without hassle guarantees, adapted to the most demanding requests. Details of surrogacy programs can be obtained from consultants on the clinic website.


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