need a damp specialist

Damp is a serious issue that can lead to even more serious structural damage (which are costly to fix) to your property if left unresolved. Luckily by identifying and fixing damp in its early stages, you won’t have to spend hefty sums of money on repairs. One of the best ways to save money on damp problems is by hiring a damp specialist to carry out a damp survey and fix all damp issues on your property.

Why do you need a damp specialist?

The first step toward addressing issues with damp is to carry out a damp survey. This survey entails doing an in-depth inspection of your property to identify the areas affected by damp and what their underlying causes are. Ideally, carrying out an effective damp survey requires the services of a qualified damp specialist or surveyor. This damp specialist can give a more accurate indication of the exact type of damp problem (rising damp, penetrating damp or condensation) a property has, its underlying causes and what measures need to be put in place to resolve the problem. 

How can hiring a damp specialist help you save on costs?

By allowing a qualified damp specialist to handle your damp problems, you will be able to cut cost by;

Staying on schedule 

One of the biggest disadvantages of not hiring a damp specialist and choosing to carry on a damp proofing project by yourself is that it is not time-efficient, and this can lead to added costs. Unlike you, who isn’t a professional and requires time to do research and learn how to do things, a London damp specialists can tap into their training and years of professional experience and have your property damp proofed in a reasonable amount of time.

Avoiding building code violations

Certain areas have codes surrounding different forms of construction activities being carried out on buildings. Hiring a certified damp specialist can help you ensure that you’re not violating any building regulations which might require you to pay a fine. This saves you money and makes your damp proofing project a lot more hassle-free.

Access to the right tools and techniques

Damp proofing requires the proper knowledge and skill that only an expert with the right kind of training and access to advanced equipment/tools can offer. These tools are essential for the proper damp proofing of your property, and damp specialists who have continuously undergone comprehensive training with these tools are your best bet for top quality work.

Improving your home’s value

Having an upgraded and functional damp-proof course on your property done by a certified professional is a good selling point in a situation where you might want to put your property on the market. This is because professionally-done damp proofing eliminates all of the issues associated with damp, such as; structural damage, mould, water damage and any health risks.


Damp proofing is a multi-step process that requires the expertise of a professional. From surveying the property and identifying the damp problem to recommending the best possible course of action, hiring a damp specialist is the best way to guarantee that your damp problem gets resolved properly and cost-effectively.


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