During the last year, the world has experienced something, unlike anything we have ever experienced in recent years. With the spread of coronavirus taking over and casting a shadow over the lives of everyone across the nation, it has become easy to get mixed up from the changes in everyday life. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum are those who used this time of despair to apply pressure and increase their quality of life when the pandemic is all said and done.


Jack Zuckowksy is one of those determined individuals who set out to better come out of this pandemic than he went into it and is now reaping the benefits. With his extra time, he used it to better develop his digital marketing agency, Social Summit. Since 2016, Zuckowsky has shown that consistency and determination can take you a long way having been in business. “For years, I never saw a crazy amount of income, but I still never gave up. I knew that if I put the time and effort into the business and re-invested my revenue the right way, I would be able to scale it to do more over time.” Now he is doing just that.


With the extra success he has seen over the course of the last year, Jack has been able to take some rest mentally and recuperate from the long hours he was putting in. He knew what he had to do to get him where he wanted to be, and he would stop at nothing to get there. “There are many different avenues to becoming a successful entrepreneur. One thing that I think all entrepreneurs can agree on is to never give up. If you never give up, you literally can’t lose,” explains Zuckowsky. 


Coming out on top during a global pandemic and taking his business to levels it has never been before leaves Jack Zuckowsky in an excellent position moving forward. This young entrepreneur is going to continue to see massive success in the digital marketing industry for the foreseeable future. Keep an eye on this young man to see exactly what he gets into next.

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