First, let’s get familiar with what clipping path service is all about. Clipping path is a process of detaching or isolating an object or part of an image from the entire photography. Typically, this is not a common task any average Joe would venture out to do. No person in their right state of mind will travel thousand miles to their dream travel destination and remove the background from the travel photography. Same goes for wedding photography or newborn photography or any other personal as well as event photography. This is just not a common practice as there is no need for it. ECommerce marketplace however is a different beast. What’s unusual or not a common practice is what goes on here as a surviving practice. Clipping path is one of those business processes that is widely used in the eCommerce industry to get the product photography a smooth finished look.

Why Clipping Path is Important for eCommerce Industry?

The term eCommerce means electronic commerce. This is the online or virtual world where commerce or business takes place. Business or brand owner are not just selling their products on the retail shelves anymore. They are utilizing the power of internet and eCommerce platforms and selling their products to worldwide audience. Platforms like Amazon or AliExpress made it possible for people to shop from the comfort of their home and get it delivered a globe away.

As comforting as it sounds, the process of presenting the products on the eCommerce platform doesn’t take place on the fly. Brand owners or retailers will need to work hard and, in some cases, consider fierce competition to make these products available on the eCommerce platforms. One thing they all must do is to make the product images appealing to the potential buyers so that the sale can be made.

After all the marketing efforts and adverting dollars spent to position the product Infront of the potential buyers, last things business owners need is to drive the buyer away from the sales page due to unprofessional product photography. With the use of clipping path service and ghost mannequin service, commercial products can take a new look and be presentable to the consumers. Photo editing and retouching methods like clipping path and ghost mannequin editing therefore vital to eCommerce product marketing.

How Clipping Path and Ghost Mannequin is Used to Boost Product Appearance?

With clipping path, like it has been said at the beginning, an object or part of the entire photography is removed from the image. This object isolation is done to isolate the product that is being promoted so that it can be further edited or retouched. It can also be possible at this time to publish this isolated product image on the eCommerce platform as is given that the initial photography was dome with perfection and no further editing or photo retouching is needed at this point.

There are situations where further editing or retouching will be needed on the clipping images and one of the ideal examples here would be ghost mannequin retouching. Clipped images are further edited in the post product photo editing process. These individual clipped objects of certain clothing or fashion product photography are joined together and retouched to form the perfect 3D looking ghost mannequin photography.

Other Uses of Clipping Path

Aside from removing the product background and ghost mannequin editing, there are countless use of image clipping process. Since with this clipping process in photoshop, the selected object gets isolated, it is therefore up to anyone’s imagination as to what the person wishes to do with that clipped image. Only sky is the limit.

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