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In most countries, when you are buying a commercial or residential property, a certain sum of money is paid as government tax or stamp duty and UK is not an exception. If you are aiming at buying a property in UK, you should know about the sum that would be spent as stamp duty.  The problem starts when you do not know anything about the stamp duty calculation and a transaction is executed. You need to perform accurate calculations so that the determined duty amount is correct. It is not that easy to perform stamp duty calculations correctly if you do not have a high standard tool.

Accurate outputs with the stamp duty calculator

It is not feasible to select any random stamp duty calculator and use it for performing calculations. This is not something that would work well. Every tool on the internet is not dependable. The duty amount calculated may be higher or lower than the actual sum. Hence, before you use a tool, check its performance and reputation. You should use one only if you are 100% sure about the standard.

  • Stamp Duty UK calculators have a simple interface. You don’t need to go through complex options and spend precious time for it. All you have to do is enter the price of property and the country you are living in. All the other tasks would be completed by the tool.
  • This calculator offers a lot of convenience to the users. Let us consider the other option that users have. Not using a calculator means opting for manual calculations. It is not that simple to calculate stamp duty as you would be handling various numerical values. These include the property price, percentage at which the stamp duty is charged and other values as well. Even one mistake means an incorrect value being produced. Along with that, there is no need to put in so much effort when you can get the job done easily by using a calculator.

Knowledge about the slab you fall in

Do you know that stamp duty is calculated according to the price of property? If you are buying your first home, there is no stamp duty if the price if below or equal to £125000. When the price is more than £125000 but less than £250000, a stamp duty of 2% would be applied on the financial sum that exceeds the sum of £125000.

  • We can gain more understanding by going through an example. Consider that you are buying your first home and the price is £200000. The amount that exceeds the sum of £125000 is £75000. Hence, the stamp duty of 2% would be applied on the sum of £75000. Users need to know about the slab they fall in and the percentage applied for each one of them. You should always remember that stamp duty in UK is not a flat figure. Users have to pay this sum according to the property price.

Complete online usage without any hassle

A user may easily get frustrated if a tool he is using carries usage complications. Most users would simply get frustrated and start seeking an alternative. To avoid the usage difficulties, a lot of users do not even consider the option of using technological tools. They start performing the tasks manually. There is no point in taking so much stress. You can easily use one of these calculators and eliminate all the hassle.

  • One of the many benefits of stamp duty calculator by is that it is used through online means. The tool can easily be accessed from any device that has a proper internet connection. This is not the case when you are using an offline technological tool. You have to download it and then install it which is a lengthy procedure. In addition to that, you can only use it on the device on which it has been installed. Using a stamp duty calculator does not require you to fulfil all these conditions. The tool can be used from any device without installing anything.

No worries about applications of charges

When you search on the internet, most tools would claim to be free but the actual status is determined when you start using them. Most of these tools are free for a very small span of time. Once the trial version ends, you cannot use any of the options for free. In order to continue using the tool, you need to opt for a paid version. These problems do not exist if you are using a stamp duty UK calculator.

  • This is actually a 100% free tool and users do not have to pay for any of the features. There are no time restrictions and users do not have to opt for a paid version after the trial version ends. This tool can be used by user as many times as he wants to. No payments have to be made and there are no limitations on any of the features.


Like various other countries, UK has its own set of regulations for the purchase of a residential property. It is recommended that potential buyers should go through these rules and then decide whether they want to purchase a property or not. Being hasty is the biggest blunder you can commit. For instance, people do not check the duty amount and purchase the property. They feel additional financial stress when the amount has to be paid. This is simply because calculations have not been done in advance. The stamp duty percentage does depend on whether you are purchasing a home for the first or second time.

There is no reason to go through exhaustive calculations when a proper calculator can accomplish the milestones for you. An online stamp duty calculator is suitable for users who want to calculate the payable sum without any hassle. With this tool, no calculations have to be performed manually by the user.

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