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How To Become A Mother Without Losing Your Glamour

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By Tim Edison

Motherhood is one of the most rewarding and joyful experiences in this lifetime. It can also be a time where you have to fight to keep your identity.

It is so easy to get lost in being your child’s mom that you can forget who you were before you became a mom. Between diaper changes, doctor appointments, baths and googling suspicious rashes, little time is left for activities that you used to enjoy.

You might think that you are doing your baby a favor by giving everything to them but studies show that mothers who take time for themselves are more even-tempered and enjoy motherhood more. Babies have an easier time bonding to mothers who are calm.

Babies are also very intuitive to the emotions around them and can become upset if their environment is chaotic or stressful. Taking some time for you when you become a mother will benefit you and your entire family!

We are going to look at a few ways to keep your identity and glamour when you enter motherhood.

Regular Exercise

Being outdoors and staying active is a great way to lose the extra baby weight while combating symptoms of postpartum depression. Remember to start simple, you could put your baby in the stroller and take her on a walk outside. You will get a little sun and elevate your heart rate. Regular walks can build to jogging and then attending aerobic classes. According to Parents magazine, mothers who exercise during pregnancy and after were more emotionally acclimated and more social.

Swap Roles

Creating balance in your home by sharing baby responsibilities with your partner will allow each parent to create a healthy relationship with your baby while not feeling like one person is shouldering all of the baby responsibilities.

The quickest way to get burned out is to try to do everything yourself. Make sure you allow your partner to help and become talented in certain areas of raising your child. Take over yard work duties on the weekend while your partner tends to the baby.

Spending time outside gardening or trimming the lawn with a great walk behind wheeled trimmer can provide some therapeutic alone time. Taking turns waking up with the baby during the night and taking turns sleeping in on the weekends are also great ways to share responsibilities.

Discover Bonding Activities

Find activities that you and your baby can do together. With very young babies you can learn to give baby massages or try a simple baby yoga routine. You can go for walks with your baby and begin reading books and looking at pictures together. Finding activities that you can enjoy with your baby will help you bond and remind you to live in the moment.

An article on Pregnancy.org recommends that mothers enjoy the little things and live in the moment. Babies grow so quickly and you will miss the baby stages when they are gone. Spend time enjoying activities with your child and allow yourself time to not stress about your job, body or your interrupted sleep schedule.

This is the time to build memories and cherish your little one.
Schedule Time For Yourself

Taking time for yourself is much easier said than done. Picking a day each week or each month and scheduling “you” time will ensure that it will happen. Try to have an evening every month when you get out of the house and meet up with friends or schedule a date night with your hubby.

Getting out of the house without your child will give you time to not be a mom for a few hours; your only responsibility is to have a good time! Schedule an evening each week where your partner takes care of the baby and you unwind with a book and a glass of wine. Wine is a mom’s best friend. A great investment for any mom is a nice wine cooler.

Here is a guide for purchasing the best wine cooler.

Staying involved in activities that you enjoyed before becoming a mom can help hold onto your identity. Plan a trip if you love to travel or find a scenic trail and go on a bike ride. Motherhood can make you feel haggard and worn down, spend some alone time pampering yourself with a face mask, pedicure or massage.

Motherhood is a wonderful time that will be gone before you know it! Your babies will be grown and independent before you know it. Enjoy spending time with your children and cherish their young years. Cherishing your children doesn’t mean sacrificing your life or your glamour. Remember to exercise, share responsibilities with your spouse, find meaningful activities with your children and take time for yourself.

Doing these things will allow you to keep your identity and be a well-balanced mother!


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