You are tired from a long flight and sleeping in your hotel bed. But suddenly, you are woken up by a bug’s bite and what do you see? Three big bugs looming on your bed!

Though you can sue your hotel for bugs, there might be a chance that they came up traveling with your stuff. While you figure out where these bugs rose, you can bust them with the following simple hacks!

  1. Use Your Nail Polish Remover

Yes! You read it right! This is one thing you can never forget while traveling. Nail polish contains acetone that can kill bugs in a matter of minutes. Just put some acetone in a spray bottle and spray directly over the bugs to get rid of them.

Don’t have nail polish remover? Try rubbing alcohol. It busts bugs in the same way as a remover does.

  1. Try A Double Sided Tape:

Though it is not very effective, using a double-sided tape will stop the bugs from traveling up to you. Take a double tape and seal the corners of the bed where the bugs are lying in a group.

  1. Use Your Hair Dryer

While you love to style your hair with a blow dryer, it can help you kill those unwanted bed bugs in your hotel room. Switch it on high heat and place it in direct contact with the pests. The high heat will instantly kill them off. You can also try the hot iron machine for this purpose.

  1. Use Essential Oils

Organic products are trendy these days and it’s very likely that you will have an essential oil handy in your traveling bag. You can spray lavender oil, clove oil or a combination of mint oils on your bed. This will suffocate the bugs and help you get rid of them within minutes.

  1. Try Vacuuming your Bed

If you are certain that you are the one to bring bugs in the room, don’t tell the hotel staff. Just ask them to change your bed sheets or vacuum clean the room. This way, even if they find the bugs on your bed, they will think it’s because of them. The vacuum machine sucks all the hidden bugs that might trouble you later.

  1. Buy A Bug Spray

There is a chance that the bugs have entered your luggage while traveling. While acetone and essential oils will take time to act, a pesticide will bust them immediately! You can easily buy a bug spray from a local pesticide shop. Just spray a few drops on your luggage and kill unwanted pests. You can also contact Novi bed bug control to know which pesticide is best for the type of bug in your hotel room.

  1. Report To Hotel Manager

This wasn’t your fault? If you find there congregate hiding in bed corners, you can immediately report it to the manager. Hotel bugs are dangerous! They can lead to allergies, infections and painful stings. You might even sue the hotel you are living in for infesting bugs.

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