Entrepreneurs don’t always have a big budget to pay someone full time with benefits to do office work while they establish their business so they prefer hiring Virtual Assistants to offer many creative solutions for their online store. An expert from remote team can render virtual assistant services in earning revenues from online business by attracting customers, without being mandatory to be physically present

A virtual assistant is a highly skilled, independent professional who works virtually or remotely for a particular client. Hiring a qualified and well-experienced virtual assistant is an amazing way to have the expert hand you have been in need at a marginal cost. There are countless services provided by ecommerce virtual assistant, which you can utilize depending upon the needs of your ecommerce business. Although there are numerous benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, some of them are discussed below:

1. Manage stock and inventory controls

An ecommerce Virtual assistant, skilled in inventory management will take care of your stock levels and monitor them regularly. He keep a close watch on the stock of products with suppliers and update with latest stock information on you online store. He even advice you to replenish your stock when at the verge of out of stock condition. Managing product categories, updating product lists and adding new inventory on your ecommerce store are the main highlights of his services. In short, he take care that your virtual shelves and warehouse are stocked with products.

2. Maintain your online store website and webpages

A qualified ecommerce virtual assistant ensures that your website is free from any flaws and provides pleasant shopping experience to your consumers.

For this he ensures:

· Website is updated with latest information regarding addition, deletion of products, latest innovations and any price restructure.

· Product image is formatted to high quality

· Update about your latest advancements in your business and product on your website.

· Fixing broken links if find any.

3. Customer engagement 24/7

Ecommerce virtual assistant with good communication skills and customer services address every query and mails of your customers directly via emails, phone and online chats. He would handle unsatisfied customer patiently and also look after returns and exchanges of products if any. Not only has that he helped customer to locate their shipment if delayed. This will raise customer confidence in your brand and add worth to your goodwill.

4. Create informative and impressive press release

Your online store virtual assistant helps you to build brand reputation, earn backlinks, media coverage and public attention through cost-effective press release. Your skilled virtual assistant will create press release if you have something net worthy to share like launch of new products, awards won, announcements, partnerships, interesting events or other bulletin. This can even be used as a promotional tool to promote your online business.

5. Process orders and shipments

Your ecommerce virtual assistant will handle your order processing which includes entering order details, handling shipment and processing bills and invoices. He will collect all order details and send invoices to consumers and Shipment Company to process the same. Virtual assistant is a link between Shipment Company and consumers and inform them about the expected date of delivery. In short he does order management on regular basis.

6. Research competitive market and market trends

A competent virtual assistant always stays a step ahead by researching about your competitors in same niche and study their success patterns to frame new strategies. This will give you important information about your competitors and prevailing market trends to serve your customers well. He also studies customer pattern and their interests, which help you to do better and give your best.

To conclude further

With the daunting demand of business you need to focus on the key money making areas and leaving the administration in expert hands. Virtual assistants being skilled and expert in their services deliver supporting hand in daily administrative tasks, which is anyways a time consuming process.

Behind every successful business is a backing and services of experienced virtual assistance. Hire your dedicated virtual assistant for online store from reliable eCommerce Services Company on hourly/monthly basis, contingent or long-term basis for various tasks on nominal rates. Their vast experience will surely provide you business solutions.

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