Spotify is a world no.1 digital music streaming service that provides us to approach different types of songs in a wide range. You can join Spotify with the sign-up with your Mail address or phone number, after sign-up you can enjoy the basic features of Spotify.

When you register on Spotify, the username automatically generates itself. And some people want to change their username. So here we will tell you how to change your username on Spotify.

How to change username on spotify  

As we know Spotify generates a username by itself and it is generated automatically. That’s why your Spotify username was random with some numerical or alphabetical digits. Here we will tell you how to change your username on Spotify.

Spotify username generator automatically so there is no option to change spotify username. But you can change the Spotify display username in just a few steps.

Here are a few steps of change the Spotify display name

1. Open your Spotify app, Go to the homepage on your Spotify and tap the settings gear icon.

2. In settings tap your Display Name.

3. Go to your Profile page, Tap on the Edit profile.

4. On The edit profile page, highlight and then change your display name, and then tap Save.

5. Now your display name will be changed, you can go back to the home section.

After following these steps your display name will be changed and you can enjoy your Spotify with the latest and your favorite playlist.

How to change username on Spotify on PC or Computer: Many people used computers or PCs and they used Spotify on their devices. They want to change their display username, Follow these steps for changing username on Spotify on PC or Computer.

Note:- You may not be able to change the displayed username within Computer, pc, or Macbook. It is only possible with the Spotify app on your android.

How to change Spotify profile picture

If you want to change your Spotify profile picture, You can upload any of your images that you want to set as a profile picture. There is no big deal with changing your profile picture.

Steps of change profile picture for android users

1. Open the Spotify app, click on the settings button.

2. Click on “View Profile”.

3. Click on the Edit Profile.

4. After this select change photo.

5. Last step is to select a picture that you want to use as a profile picture.

Steps of change profile picture for desktop users

1. open your username in the top right corner.

2. Click on your profile picture.

3. Click on the change.

4. Select your picture whatever you want to set as a profile picture.

Frequently asked Question

Q.1 How long is Spotify free?

If you are not ready to get a Spotify premium, And you want to take an experience. Spotify gives you an experience of premium Spotify for a 30 days trial.

Q. 2 Is it worth getting Spotify Premium?

If you love to listen to the latest songs and want to listen as soon as possible after release. So the Spotify premium is worth it. You can enjoy this without any interruption and new latest Bollywood, Hip-hop, Melody songs here.

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