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In a whirlwind of life sometimes, it can be very stressful and we are more and more likely to feel various neck pain and discomfort. Stress, muscular tension, bad postures and many other reasons lead us to a conclusion: a massage would do us the greatest good! As we do not always have someone with us to massage, we can choose an alternative: a neck massager device. To make the right choice, we recommend that you read this guide of how to choose neck massager. At the end, you will be able to make the best choice and choose the perfect device that you deem worthy.


It is a massage therapy technique that comes from Japan but is primarily inspired by traditional Chinese medicine. It is practiced by exerting pressure with different parts of the body (fingers, palms, elbows …) on specific points. Shiatsu massage removes tension and stimulates weak points to restore energy to the body and relieve pain. This type of massage is used to relieve torticollis, lumbar pain, neck pain, and limit anxiety and stress for example.


As its name suggests, a neck massage device is a device that has the function of massaging your neck. Many brands offer this type of devices but not all of them are necessarily equal in terms of quality. There are many types, some with different programs and sometimes even different functions. With heat or not, by vibration, electrical muscle stimulation or shiatsu massage.


The neck massage device is intended for both men and women, the elderly and young adults. And this is good sad news when you know that everyone is affected by this phenomenon! This kind of device is especially appreciated for stressed people and those who often sit for too long.


It should be noted that there are four different functioning:

Heat alone

Some devices simply provide heat to the neck, cervical and shoulders area. There is only one setting to choose and that is the temperature.

Heat, shiatsu massage and vibrations

It is pretty much the same as heat and shiatsu massage except that the device also has a vibration massage program.

Heat and massage

This is the case for the majority of neck massaging machines in the market. The device consists of balls (knots) larger or smaller that will move to massage and relax your muscles. This is called shiatsu massage.

Electrostimulation EMS or TENS

Some devices with electrical muscle stimulation, such as Beurer EM 20, are made specifically to relief all kinds of neck pain. The massage is done by electrical stimulation (emission of painless electrical signals to relieve pain).



To choose the right neck massage device, you have to pay attention to certain points:


Does it work by electrical muscle stimulation, vibration, heat, shiatsu massage? Choose what suits you best according to what you want to use it for (pain, relaxation, etc…)


Be careful, some devices can be a little heavy, which does not prevent them from being effective, however, they can annoy you in the long run.

Infrared heat

Opt for a device that radiates mild infrared heat, it feels nice and it allows better blood circulation. In addition, it is very relaxing and helps fight against stress (physical and psychological).

Number of features

Look at the possibilities of features or modes: with or without heat, with or without vibration, with several choices of speed and / or direction of rotation … this will allow you to find the massage that suits you according to your mood and will allow you to use different methods each time. We recommend this.

Number of massaging heads

Try to choose one with the most massaging heads possible because they are the ones that massages you, the more there are, the wider is the covered massaged area.

Power mode (mains, battery)

Some devices work while plugged in to an electricity source, other models (more rare) can be charged (wireless use, more freedom of movement). Go with what you think is best.


Check that there are several speeds and directions of rotation for a more complete and varied massage.


Some neck massage machines offer vibrations, some do not, if you want this mode, check that it exists on the chosen device!


The quality is important because it ensures not only the life of your device but also the comfort to use.


There are many on the market, many Chinese brands all sold all over the internet. We recommend that you go with recognized brands (Donnerberg for example) or check customer reviews for other brands. Avoid unknown brands and products without reviews or comments.


Set a budget for your device and the choice will be more or less restricted. Do not favor very small prices, they are often of poor quality.


This will seem obvious or superfluous but it is very important to always read the user manual of the device BEFORE using it for the first time. Observe the safety and start-up instructions for the device.

A session lasts about 15 minutes, after which the safety stop is activated. You can, however, do several successive sessions.

Some devices have a storage/transport bag, it is preferable to store your massage device in the bag provided when you are not using it in order to keep it safe.

For rechargeable devices, remember to regularly recharge the device so as not to run out of battery during a session. It is preferable, to unplug your device once you have finished your session.


A session lasts approximately 15 minutes after the automatic shutdown is triggered. But nothing prevents you from doing several successive sessions!


A device around 100 US Dollars will offer you a quality neck massage. The price may decrease during sales or promotional offers. If you want to wait, the prices can become competitive, but even with this, you should pay attention to the quality of the neck massager device you are about to buy. 


The German brand Donnerberg has a very good reputation. However, the prices may be a little bit expensive, but then again, they offer the best quality in the market. If you are looking for something cheaper but qualitative still, you can go with Nursal, Nekteck or Resteck.


A cervical massage machine can really bring you well-being and comfort in your everyday life. This is especially true when we have no one to massage us! Usable on the road, at the office or at home, it adapts to your schedule. 

With a massage device, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable, your back and your neck pain should start going away. Keep in mind that depending on your pain and their origin, the device can relieve but will not permanently remove the ailments. Remember to seek the advice of a doctor.

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