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Decorate the Tables in Your Apartment
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How to Decorate the Tables in Your Apartment [7 Ideas!]

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It goes without saying that you’ve spent a lot of time and effort decorating your apartment. You hang artwork on the walls and arrange the perfect accessories on the shelves.

But don’t forget about your tables!

Just because you use tables for other things doesn’t mean you can’t decorate them. They’re the perfect surface to showcase your style! Let’s take a look at some table decoration ideas that you can use for your apartment.

Dining Table

When you’re not using your table for a delicious meal, don’t just leave it empty. Dress it up and make your dining room table the star of your space, even without food on it.

A Table Cloth

Keep things simple with a beautifully draped tablecloth.

It doesn’t take much time to break out a decorative tablecloth and toss it over your table. Even though it’s easy, it instantly takes your table from boring to stylish.

Not to mention, there are so many different options!

Make a statement with a bold color. Go with a funky pattern that shows your fun side, or stick to neutrals for something easy on the eyes.

Colorful Table Runners

A table runner accents your table without covering it completely. It’s a great way to add a pop of color without covering the entire surface.

Use them under your other decor to create a nice focal point down the center of your dining table. It will brighten up any neutral color palette in an instant.

If you like changing your decor often, keep table runners in different colors that you can switch out to easily freshen things up.

The Fruit Bowl

Create your own still life by using a bowl of fruit as a centerpiece.

It can be real fruit or wax fruit of any size or shape. Use different types of fruit in varying colors to complement whatever palette you’re using in your apartment.

A decorative bowl is just another opportunity for you to incorporate your design sense. Keep it simple, go for metallic touches, or get something in an unconventional shape.

Whatever floats your boat!

Flowers or Houseplants

If you’re feeling a little disconnected from nature in an apartment setting, bring a touch of the outdoors to your decor by adding some greenery to your table.

A vase of flowers is a beautiful addition to any dining room.

Fake flowers last longer, but they don’t have the sweet scent that real flowers provide. If you don’t mind keeping them healthy (and swapping them out when they wilt), real flowers bring a bit of something extra.

Greens and branches are great options as well.

They have a similar vibe without adding the bright colors that some flowers do. They won’t disrupt your calming color palette, but they still give you that natural feel.

Switching Seasons

Setting out seasonal table decor is a lot of fun. It keeps you connected with the elements of each season. What you feel outside, you get to see inside all year round.

You can also inject different elements for any holidays you celebrate.

Just imagine it — fresh flowers in the spring, mini pine trees for winter, vibrant colors around summer, and orange leaves and mini pumpkins to welcome fall!

Doesn’t that get you excited to decorate?

Coffee Table

Now we make our way into the living room where there are tables galore.

Let’s start with the most important table that usually sits right at the center of the space. You can’t neglect this all-important surface!

Make a Statement

Go for a bang and display something stunning that will start a conversation.

Use an interesting piece of sculpture that lays on your coffee table or reaches high into the air. A large vase with some tall fronds of greenery compensates for a shorter coffee table by making up the difference.

Sometimes one piece is all you need to accent a space, especially when that single piece is magnificent.

Go Monochrome

If you prefer a sleek, elegant look, try making everything on your coffee table the same color. Coordinate your books, knick-knacks, vases, trays, and anything else you have accenting your coffee table for a look that’s understated yet chic.

This idea looks particularly stunning in black and white.

Add a Tray

Trays are not only fantastic decor pieces, but they’re also functional. And in an apartment (especially a small apartment), we love functional!

If you’re using a cushy ottoman as a stand-in for a coffee table, a tray is a must-have to create stability for your drinks. You don’t want anything spilling in your living room.

Even on a traditional coffee table, use multiple small trays to create an organizational system that keeps your stuff in line while looking stylish. Or, use one catch-all tray to keep your table clean while adding to your design.

Use Varying Heights

Create visual interest with pieces that go from small to tall. With accessories of different heights, you keep the eye flowing through the space in a way that doesn’t look dull.

You can also opt for a coffee table that has two or even three tiers instead of one flat surface. It’ll look interesting no matter what accessories you add on top of it!

Less Is More

A minimalist theme is perfect for a living room with a heavy presence of furniture. You don’t want to overwhelm the senses if there’s already a lot going on.

So, accent your coffee table with a single bowl or small houseplant.

Choose something that blends into your design effortlessly.

Succulents are a great way to add freshness to your coffee table without overdoing it with large blooms. Plus, they’re remarkably easy to care for!

Side Tables

And now we come to our smallest (but no less important) tables. These accent tables could be in your living room or your bedroom. They serve an essential purpose, but they still deserve a little sprucing up.

Add Some Storage

Storage is a must in any apartment. If you have a shelf under your side tables or extra space on top, consider adding baskets or bins for extra storage options.

Bins come in different materials and colors to match any design. And you can get baskets made of wicker, wire, or plastic to suit your needs.

No matter what type of baskets you choose, they will disguise your clutter and the things you use every day — all while looking super cute!

Lighten Things Up

Lamps absolutely count as decor.

You can incorporate your favorite design elements on your side table while also lighting up your space. Task lighting is important to keep you from straining your eyes while reading or watching TV.

Stack Some Books

Intentional stacks of books are a nice touch to any side table.

Create a theme around a certain subject or color to tie your book choices together and make for a truly cohesive design.

You can also use the books to elevate another piece of decor so they aren’t taking space away from something else. Put them underneath your lamp or place a framed photo on top so it’s easier for everyone to see.

In Summary

There are so many different ways to accessorize the tables around your apartment. Just because you use them for other purposes doesn’t mean they can’t have some decor on them as well.

Use these table decoration ideas to start your designs and then make them your own. You’ll be impressed with just how much putting something on a table can elevate your space!

Jill Bowers is the property manager at Industry Columbus, a luxury apartment community in Columbus, OH.

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