Develop Advertising Strategy

Here are the top questions to ask when you develop an advertising strategy for the year. Did you set your company goals? Were your marketing strategies aligned with these goals and objectives? What specific marketing tactics were most effective?

First, ask yourself this: “Do you know what type of advertising is considered a solid advertising method? Advertising can be many different types such as television, radio, print, and even outdoor signage. Each form of advertising has its own purpose and some forms of advertising are not appropriate for all locations or all audience groups. Do you have an understanding of which type of advertising fits best with your company’s audience characteristics?” Ask this question before you develop your first advertising campaign.

Next, do not wait until the last minute to develop an advertising strategy. Waiting until Spring, Summer, or Fall will not help you develop an advertising strategy. An advertising plan for any given period of time should cover current competitor trends, market analysis, and the strategy you will employ to counter those trends. 

Lastly, be specific in your advertising strategy. Do not assume that because your company is well known, your customers will know who you are. Do not use vague language in your advertisements or make blanket assumptions about your target audience. Your advertising strategy should accurately depict your product and/or services. If your target audience cannot clearly understand the message, they will not likely buy your products or services.

A concrete advertising plan will help you define your goals and address them with clear focus. The first step in developing an effective advertising strategy is to clearly identify the purpose of your advertising campaign. Then, you must work to build a credible, consistent brand image. Branding allows you to build trust with customers and building trust allows you to build sales.

Finally, you must determine which communication media you will use to communicate with your target audience. If you are trying to reach a younger, more tech-savvy audience, choose an advertising campaign that speaks to their needs. However, if your product or service appeals to a more mature market, consider a campaign that targets a more traditional consumer. Using one or more communication media provides you the opportunity to address your audience’s needs in unique ways. Ultimately, the effectiveness of your campaign is dependent upon which communication media you select.

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