Do epilators seem like whirling, scare stations to you? If yes, then there is a fat chance that you have been affected with the portrayal and bad rep. that epilators seem to have earned nowadays. The good news is that there are ways that make it entirely possible and attainable to have a pain free session of hair removal with your epilator. Here are some steps that will make sure that your whole session ends in a jiffy without you suffering any pain!

Hop into the shower:

It is a definite helping step to take a nice, warm and steamy shower for a while before epilating. This helps plump up your skin and open up those pores. Open pores mean that you suffer less pain and that the hairs give their way out easily without much struggle. This step really does dial down the pain by a significant amount. Additionally, it also helps in cleansing the skin, duhh, obvious.

Exfoliate that skin:   

Exfoliation is an expert’s tip on good and long lasting epilation. Epilating is definitely a long lasting hair removal technique when done properly. In order to execute a perfect session, exfoliating as a step cannot be praised enough. It has multiple benefits; most importantly it helps expose ingrown hairs.

While exfoliating helps smoothen the skin and even it out by removing dead skin cell layers and deposits. The problem of ingrown hairs cannot be tackled other than epilating. It helps expose them and subsequently allows easy access to the hairs when epilating. You can employ any of the methods used for exfoliating. You can use a store bought scrub, whip up a do it yourself scrub paste from day to day ingredients or just throw in some kosher salt into your shower gel and use your loofah or body scrubbing glove. All these will result in a minimization of ingrown hairs which means a lot less pain from the epilator.

Good placement and an even better grip:

When you are done all prepping your skin and bracing yourself for the ride know how to properly place the epilator. It is ideal to hold the device against the direction that your hair grows in. hold the epilator at a 35-45% angle and do not at all forget to hold your skin taut. Holding your skin tight and firm helps you to avoid hurting your skin by the epilator tweezers.

Pick an epilator with good features:

Choosing a best epilator for women with multiple tweezers really help you to achieve maximum results in lesser amounts of time. Additionally, buying for a wet and dry epilator also pays off well as you can use it to your convenience. Multiple headed epilators are a great investment too, the massaging heads especially work marvelously to make the hair removal comfortable and efficient.


Epilation sure seems like a scary path to go down, but with the right epilator and a good consistently followed routine, it will be the easiest and best hair removal method that you’ll favor in no time!

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