Women are more social in today’s world and in order for her to look her best, she needs to maintain herself. Body hair on women is by far the most hyped topic and the minute we spot a woman with hairy hands or legs, we start to talk about it. While hair growth is common, women need to stay spotless in order to look beautiful.

If you’re wondering which hair removal solutions are better, then here’s a detailed review about waxing, shaving and epilation so you can choose the best method for you.

Waxing: Waxing has been the most popular method of hair removal for a very long time now. Women all across the globe have preferred this method because it leaves you with smooth skin that lasts for about a month and it saves you frequent trips to the salon.

While most women spend hours in a salon trying their best to get rid of all the hair from their body, it’s not the most effective way to do so because some women have faster hair growth as compared to the others and this means that you might have to make two trips to the salon in a month.

Not only does this cost you money, it also takes up a lot of your time. if you’re looking for something more permanent then laser hair removal is ideally the best method for you to pick.


· You don’t need to worry about getting waxed multiple times a month

· Smooth skin

· Reduces hair growth over a period of time

· Can be done on all body parts


· Painful

· Takes a long time to get done

· Can result in ingrowth of hair that’s very irritating especially when it rubs against your clothes

Shaving: Shaving is something that women didn’t consider back in the day, however, these days more women prefer to shave rather than wax. One of the best things about shaving is that it’s fast and you can do it independently so you don’t need to rely on anyone to get it done. You can invest in some amazing razors designed for women and use them to shave your body parts with ease while you’re in the shower.

The best part about shaving is that it’s really easy and you don’t need any fancy equipment to get it done. While this is a fast option, it’s defiantly not the best. Shaving cuts off the hair thus resulting is faster growth and after a while women who use razors will notice thicker hair growth and roughness in skin.


· Affordable

· You can do it on your own

· Fast and reliable

· Can be done on all body parts


· Results in thicker hair growth

· Could cause cuts and bruises when you’re not careful

· Hair grows back faster

· Can’t use on face

Epilation: Epilators are really handy devices that you should invest in so that you never have to worry about getting rid of hair again. While epilation is almost as simple as shaving, it’s a little more painful because while shaving simply cuts off the hair on your body, epilation plucks it off. It’s a perfect combination of waxing and shaving put together. Considering hectic schedules, most women use a razor to get rid of any unwanted hair they spot.

An epilator helps in plucking out the hair from its roots just like waxing and leaves your skin smooth and hair free for weeks. Unlike razors, epilators will leave you with no cuts or bruises and no, it’s not as painful as most women think it is.

Epilation is great, but there are certain areas of your body that can’t take the tweezing process. Such areas need a razor. Some epilators come with a razor to help you solve this problem.

It’s your choice at the end, but I personally feel it’s always better to get one with all the features so you’ve got your options open and no matter what you know that all you need is your epilator and you’re sorted. Here is a list of Radar Magazine’s favorite epilators you can look for.


· Easy to use and highly effective

· The wet and dry epilators work really well on all body parts to simplify the process of hair removal

· Fast and you can use it independently


· Painful

· Can lead to ingrowth

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