If your license has been suspended, you may feel as though you have lost your freedom. Getting from A to B now requires a certain level of planning, but once you get a bit more accustomed to it, you will find that it is not so bad. Here are some of the ways you can get around without a license.

See If You Eligible for A Restricted Driver’s License

The general rule is this is only available to drivers on their first offense. Still, this isn’t strictly the case so even if you have committed an additional offense, it could apply to you. Only certain circumstances that make it possible for you to obtain a restricted license.

For driving back and forth to work is one example that might be possible for you. Speaking to an attorney for suspended license queries such as this can help to clarify how likely you are to be successful.

Friends and Family

You may have already been leaning on friends and family for lifts around town, but many people will be more than happy to help you out. Asking when a friend usually goes to do their shopping can help you to jump in with them so you can do yours at the same time. This way you are only going on a journey that they would make anyway.


If you commute to work, then giving a colleague money for fuel can be a good way of encouraging them to help you when you are in need. Otherwise, there are apps available where people are specifically looking for passengers to contribute towards fuel. This is especially the case for longer journeys so you can really reduce the cost of long-distance travel for you and someone else.

Using Public Transport

When you don’t need them, you notice buses a lot less. However, your towns public transport system is probably very efficient at getting you to just about any place you need to go. Using a search engine can help you to plan your route in advance and give you to the relevant times, etc. Many cities even have apps available to make it easier.

Be wary though. You might need to plan ahead and make sure you have the correct amount of change on you. It is a cheaper way of getting around, and there is even the opportunity to get some work done as you travel.

Get A Bike

This can be the perfect opportunity for you to get healthier and help the environment a little. Consider your route in advance to make sure you know where you are going and if you haven’t ridden a bike in a while, make sure you refresh your memory in terms of the rules of the road. Some cities even have a very cheap bike hire service where you can leave the bike in a different area when you are finished with it.
There are many ways you can get around while your license is suspended. The above represent some of the easiest ways that you can get by without a license.

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