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Super Bowl LIII: Can You Date A Rival Fan?

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With Super Bowl Sunday eight days away with both the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams making preparations for Super Bowl LIII, fans of both teams are getting ready for The Big Game. What if fans of both teams are in relationships with each other?

Yeah, Sunday could prove to be a real breaking point for some who may be in a Patriots-Rams relationship.

Football, for all of it’s excitement, big plays and dramatic finishes, brings out our most primal and tribal natures when it is watched. Especially if you’re the fan of a rival team. Words are exchanged, emotions run high and competition is fierce and sometimes ends in blood and fisticuffs over disputes such as blown calls to excessive taunting.

A 16-game season, plus three additional games in the playoffs, and ultimately the Super Bowl will—and has put strains or various friendships.

Now, imagine if you are dating a fan of said rival team.

Football has—perhaps the fiercest and nastiest set of rivalries influenced by hate, passion, geography and utter dislike of the other team—and or city. While soccer—yes, it’s European football, you quasi American soccer hipster douchbags!—has some heated tilts such as Liverpool-Manchester United, Chelsea-Arsenal, Tottenham-Arsenal and Manchester City-Manchester United, the NFL has it’s own nasty set of heated rivalry games that’ll make even the most snobbish of soccer fans bristle.

You have Chicago-Green Bay, Minnesota-Green Bay, Seattle-San Francisco, Oakland-Kansas City and Detroit-Chicago, now imagine dating a fan of that rival team. Imagine dating a Redskins fan and yet you’re a die-hard Cowboys fan, or an Eagles fan married to a Giants fan. Or even worse, dating a Patriots fan despite being a member of Big Blue nation.

Can you imagine a Ravens-Steelers union, or a Raiders-Niners relationship? You see where I’m going here. How does watching the game in different rooms or venues away from each other sound? Yes, I’ve witnessed it and been there.

While the Patriots and Rams don’t have much of a history, there is the whole LA-Boston thing. Can you imagine the proverbial moans in a Pats-Giants one if both teams were to meet in the Super Bowl again? Eli vs Tom would extend well into the bedroom, if you know what I mean.

If you so happen to be in a Pats-Rams relationship, it is going to be a long week of friendly jabs, listening to your girlfriend debate over Goff vs. Brady and who’s hotter or why Bill Belichick is the G.O.A.T., but be sure to keep it friendly throughout the week, because come game day, both of you may not be on such friendly speaking terms afterwards.

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