Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

The title might feel like a giveaway, but bed bugs don’t just like to reside in your bed. There are many places that you will find them in your home and beyond, knowing which places to look out for can help you to get rid of this pest or avoid bringing them home in the first place.

Your Walls

Bed bugs can creep into even the smallest of spaces and make your wall their new home. A popular place is actually in the plug sockets, as well as in the corner between the wall and ceiling. Of course, they venture out, so if you think that they will leave you alone, they won’t.

Bed Frame and Headboard

Even the outside of your bed is a popular resting place for bed bugs. This means they are close to where you lay your head which can make it hard to sleep at night. If you find any on your bed, the majority could actually be around the frame itself, or the headboard.

Hotel Rooms

One of the more common places to find bed bugs is actually a hotel room. While the bed might be neatly made, and sheets freshly pressed, remember that bed bugs aren’t a fan of dirt. So, even the cleanest of hotel rooms could be housing bed bugs. Check your room for bed bugs to avoid them hitching a ride on your luggage or clothes and coming home with you.

Your Local Library

As the top bed bug exterminator in Chicago, IL can tell you, bed bugs can be found a variety of places—not just areas with beds. In the industry, it is well known that libraries can be a place where you will find bed bugs, for example. Although not ultra-common, it is still advisable to check the spines of books, which is where they are most likely to hide.


That’s right. Your comfy cinema seat could be home to bed bugs. This is because they love the warmth and are attracted to carbon dioxide. So, any warm area where a group of humans might be could attract bed bugs. The more remote the cinema, the less likely it is that you will find them, but maybe check your seat before you sit next time.

Public Transport

Again, this involves groups of people in one warm area. Once they are brought on by someone’s belongings, they can thrive in the environment. Also, since they can be transported by animals, they may have hitched a ride on that cute dog you just saw at the front of the bus.

Other Places

Your workplace, school, clothing, luggage, toy boxes— you name it— can all be popular places for bed bugs should they find their way there. The best thing you can do if you find a bed bug is to search all the most common areas, and if there is an ongoing problem, call an exterminator to get rid of the problem for you.

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