We all want to have perfect teeth as they can say a lot about who we are. Teeth that are not looked after never look good. They may be yellow and crooked and give the impression that the person those teeth belong to is not interested in taking care of them.

These day’s it is somewhat fashionable to have straight and extremely white teeth. However, without going to extremes, is it possible to have perfect teeth? We think it is and this article will show you how you too can have perfect teeth and a smile you can be proud of. And if you’re looking for professionals to help you, be sure to get your teeth troubles sorted in Greenville.

Whiten your Teeth

One of the first things you may wish to do is whiten your teeth. The good news is you do not have to undergo a cosmetic procedure to whiten them unless you really wish to do so. There are many toothpastes out there that can slowly but surely whiten your teeth so they look cleaner.

If you have yellow teeth because you drink red wine or coffee frequently or because you smoke you’re likely to see some good results. If your teeth are yellow because you do not take care of them you will need to start brushing them every day.

Some people are happy to use whitening strips but they can fail to whiten every tooth or every part of a tooth. This is because you may quite simply miss a few areas of your mouth. While whitening strips can work well they do nothing to alter the shape or angle of your teeth.

Have a Veneer or Crown Fitted

If your teeth do not respond to your attempts to whiten them you may wish to have a veneer or crown fitted over them. Veneers and crowns are very thin coverings that wrap the front and some if not all of the back of the tooth.

While veneers and crowns can look good they are typically quite expensive. However, they can last for many years and help you to get that smile you’ve always wanted.

Have Some Dental Implants

Many people opt to have dental implants fitted as they can support other teeth or simply fill a gap. An implant is made up of a titanium screw that works as a replacement for a tooth. The screw is fitted into the jawbone. The false tooth is located on the very top of the screw and can look very natural. In fact, it can be made the same colour and shape of your other teeth.

Please note, the implant will need to be fitted before the false tooth is fitted. This is because the bone needs to grow onto the implant. Once the implant is secure the false tooth can be added.

Deal with Crooked Teeth

If you have crooked teeth that make you smile less than perfect the good news is you can do something about them crooked teeth, also known as “Peg teeth” can have a veneer or crown added. This will ensure that the previously crooked teeth now look like the teeth sat next to them.


Get Your Buck Teeth Dealt with

If you have front teeth that are a little too far forward you can have them pushed back. You can have braces added so that your teeth are slowly but surely pushed back over a period of months. While many children have braces that are easy to see, adults can have invisible braces fitted. They are ideal as they can be removed when you’re eating and drinking. What’s more is they tend to me tailored to your bite so your ‘New’ teeth look and feel natural.

While many people are happy to get the buck teeth dealt with by purchasing braces online it is better to see a dentist and get them tailored to your requirements.

With a bit of work you too can have perfect teeth. For some, using whitening toothpaste could be all that is required. However, some may need a little more work done. The good news is that once you have veneers or crowns added, or your crooked or buck teeth dealt with your smile can be so much better. Throw in some dental implants and your teeth can look better than ever before.

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