Honestly, this is a million-dollar question. SARMS industry is not regulated. Therefore you are responsible for making sure you buy the real SARMs. When you buy real SARMS, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

If you found a source to buy SARMS from but you don’t know whether you should trust this source or not, look for the following three things, it will give you a better idea of what to do!

User Reviews

Make sure to check your sources even it is rich with positive reviews. In case the source barely has any reviews, then you need to take precautions. This means not many people have tried their product so you can’t expect to know what you are getting. It’s possible; they are a brand-new source.

Third-Party Documents

A company that wants to sell stuff like SARMS need to send their products to a lab and have them analyzed. This helps to evaluate the purity of their product. If you want to assure the SARMS you buy is pure, then look for a purity certificate. Ideally, the certificate should show the product is 98% pure, But if there is no certificate, then you should ask for the third part reports yourself. If you don’t get anything, you better buy from somewhere else.

Check the Site Thoroughly

If you want to get the best sarms, then you need to check the vendor’s website inside out. If the website looks sketchy and fails to provide you with any useful information, then you should continue with your research.

Ideally, the vendor’s website should be fully functional, and it should provide with any information you want. If you don’t find thee things on the website, you better not trust the vendor with your money. There is a healthy change you will regret any money you give him.

Payment Options

When you are searching through a vendor’s website, it’s important; you see what payment options they cater. There is some SARMs vendor that only have cryptocurrency available as a payment method. So, you should take care when you with cryptocurrency its almost impossible to get a refund or track the transaction if anything goes south.

We don’t mean to scare you off. These pointers are here to help you remain safe. Several legitimate vendors will sell you high-quality SARMs. It’s you need to do your research and assure you are buying from someone you can trust.

Is SARMS Safe?

SARMS stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. The most common query about these is, are they safe to use. Nobody knows for sure whether SARMS are safe or not. A lot of  research  went on to conclude this debate but nothing viable.

Some studies did show a promising result, but the long-term effects of using SARMS is not yet known. It is advised you take care if you want to use these compounds.

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