It’s a new normal, and your business, office, or workplace needs a new security plan to safely remain open. Depending on where your company is located, there is a wide range of different regulations and health recommendations currently in place due to COVID-19, and they vary considerably from industry to industry.

However, whether you’re reopening your office, factory, buildings that are open to the public, or a retail environment, you’re likely dealing with new capacity restrictions, contact information collection, or physical distancing rules.

The key to keeping your workers, customers, guests, and everyone safe is a thorough reopening strategy that allows you to operate without endangering anyone. These tips should help you develop a plan that does it all.

#1 Be Flexible

Many parts of the world have seen COVID cases rise, fall, and rise again over the course of the last year, prompting second rounds of lockdowns and enhanced restrictions in many different countries. Your reopening plan should be designed to adjust to changing regulations, including capacity numbers. Always have a contingency plan.

#2 Introduce Visitor Passes

Many buildings will be home to a mix of people there for different reasons. Schools, for example, will have staff, students, visitors, delivery people, contractors, etc.

In many parts of the world, any setting where people will be exposed to each other for an extended period of time must collect information for contact tracing. This includes the name of the visitor and the time that they visited.

To mitigate the spread of the virus, someone may also be required to ask visitors a number of questions related to symptoms and travel, or even do temperature checks. In order to maintain the integrity of your contact tracing information, have someone at the front desk issue visitor passes once visitors have provided their contact information, answered the appropriate questions, or had their temperature checked. You can find everything you need to collect contact tracing information and issue visitor passes at Avon Security Products.

#3 Issue ID Passes

With capacity restrictions on many public settings, it’s more important than ever to make sure you know who belongs and who doesn’t. If you haven’t implemented an ID system in the building yet, now is the perfect time to invest in an ID card printer.

With your own ID card printer, you can quickly issue them to new staff when they’re hired. There are also more complex systems that include card readers and enhanced security. They make security and identification simple.

#4 Make Sure Employees Buy In

To reopen a workplace safely, you need employees to buy into the policies and practices you’ve developed. Create an environment that holds people accountable not only for their own actions but for those around them as well. It should be an atmosphere where it feels normal to follow the rules and safety procedures. People will be more likely to stick to the rules when policies are clearly stated, reinforced, and make sense.

You can reopen safely. Just be sure you have the materials necessary to make it work seamlessly.

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